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Previously C.L.L.
 Center for Lifelong Learning
Now School for Extended Learning

Santa Barbara City College

Talks still at Schott Campus Auditorium

They will also be posted on their web site & in their catalogue

FOR 2018

Saturdays; 10:00 am-12:00 pm
Schott Campus Auditorium
310 W. Padre St., Santa Barbara

October 6th
Grappling with the Cosmic Mystery

November 3rd Reconciling
the Material & Spiritual Worlds

With the help of music driven meditation and discussion over the next series of semesters we will be rediscovering more topics.
Many of these insights  have been channelled from a mix of Kabbalistic mysticism, African indigenous wisdom, and Druid or Celtic sources.
For dvds on past talks see and for information on some of these and other topics see
There are two books recently published with some of their wisdoms; Messages from the Ancestors - Wisdom for the Way and Mpofu's Grandmother's Loving Lessons. 
I am really looking forward to sharing more with you all in 2018.
Those interested in sangoma shamanism and South African indigenous healing wisdom can check out the new book 
The Source-Tshisimane. 
All are obtainable at Chaucers, Paradise Found and my office (8059646771.)
This new one below also at Ingramspark, Amazon and fine bookstores on line. 

New Book


  1. Dave, This is really great news... I'll be following your stories and look forward to seeing you at the April talk. Thanks and bless that Nature Spirit! Chris

  2. Looking forward to your talk in May!

  3. Thx Chris and Barbara. Talk soon

  4. so sorry I missed your class in April. I only just found out you have a blog. Great. If you ever want to talk blog stuff i am happy to do so. Have learned so much with and love sharing notes. Lori