Sunday, February 18, 2018


Below - as far as I know in my limited understanding - are some of the variables that control Karma. 
We will do a blog on each beginning with destiny. 

Destiny is not the same as fate. Fate is the cards we are dealt with in life, beginning with the family and circumstances we were born into, and what happens to us along the way after that. Our fate also depends on our Karmic profile from prior life times.  For this reason some are "luckier" than others because they have earned their new more favorable predicaments. Nevertheless, no matter the barriers, we are all meant to rise above our fate into our own true unique destiny - that gift we were given to help heal the planet and correct injustice in one way or another.
Destiny demands we become congruent with who we are truly meant to be and this is preordained.

  "Lord of Athens. Faithful be to thyself & mystery - all else is perjury."  Dickenson. 

"I implore you to submit to your own myths. Any postponement in doing so is a lie."  William Carlos Patterson. 

"This above all to thine own self be true
 and it must follow as night the day; thou canst not then be false to any man."  Shakepeare

We need to be true to our myth and hold to this vision. This will bring us meaning, well being, equanimity, joy or happiness depending also on our unique emotional disposition.

There are four main archetypes and each can take many forms of expression. Many of us can manifest all four but we need to follow the one most true to us. Karmically its no use being a jack of all trades and master of none, no matter how gratifying.
Roshi said; "When you find your place where you are, practice begins" 
in one or other of these expressions.

The Healer 
and Teacher can take up many guises.
Apart from the military the Warrior can be the conscious C.E.O. or politician...
The Visionary can be the sage, guru, shaman, psychic, elder, crone, artist, musician etc.
To find one's destiny requires courage and forbearance especially since many of us do not have a clue what it is. We may need to keep our day job and learn to live in two worlds doing what is true to our heart in our spare time often without pay. There can be no excuses or room for complacency. This may require trial and error. When one road no longer seems to fit we take another.

The Ancestors warn us that anything or anybody that does not make us more of who we are make us less and that there is no staying the same. We need to free ourselves to be ourselves and release ourselves from what we are no longer accountable.

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Sunday, February 11, 2018


When we negotiate the law of cause and effect we need to realize that there are other factors working in the background to influence our Karma other than intention, free will and the choices we make.
We also need to subordinate:
 our Shadow or Evil Inclination to 
our Good Inclination
Ego, Narrow/Monkey Mind to the 
Higher Self and Spacious/Big Mind
The Trickster and Dark Forces to the 
Forces of Light and our Spirit Guides

The Ancestors

The tension between light and dark, sacred and profane, free will and Karma is a template for spiritual perfection and,
 Karma is built as a default into the soul.
Intention leads to choice which can be generated by fear or love.
Narrow/Monkey Mind resides in the more primitive regions of the brain on Functional M.R.I. and is focused on survival. It resides in the lower chakras which relate to our fear driven addictions, habits, compulsions, lustful desires and raw emotions.
If intention comes from Spacious/Big Mind residing in the prefrontal lobe of the brain on F.M.R.I. it focuses on love, the higher chakras and our lofty ideals, notions, beliefs, discrimination and discernment. It honors the essential feeling of fear but controls negative emotions like hatred and vengeance.
The Ancestors teach that 
"with right understanding we are able to convert transgressions into merits."
Good Karma depends on the choices we make from the intentions of Spacious Mind. Once we are living in this Big Mind and realize that discernment is choiceless - very difficult for most of us - we are attaining a level of spiritual perfection. We need to understand that this is not a straight line but rather a gentle sine wave from a cybernetic negative feedback system working much like the bodies diurnal  hormonal rhythms.  We are always deviating - but only a little - before we turn back. The trajectory of Narrow Mind is chaotic and frequently gets lost before hopefully coming back again to center. We must be very
"careful of what we taste and where we immerse" 
and stay the course by always quickly and gently self correcting. 
The prerequisite for this is the ability to balance the polarities of life while enjoying sentient pleasure responsibly.

The Ancestors

There can be no rose without a thorn, no sacred without the mundane, no light without dark.

The Ancestors
We have to learn to coexist among the polarities of darkness without assimilating them which in many way is more challenging than living in the protected environment of a spiritual community, ashram or sanga.

This formula and Samsara - the ever turning wheel of life where we are bound to a sentient body and keep coming back again and again until we get our responsibilities right - eventually will lead to spiritual perfection which we are all capable of achieving. Although seemingly a paradox there can be no spiritual progress without conflict. We are continually being tested for our resolve and intention. As we become more skillful spiritual warriors the tests become more taxing to see if we are truly worthy of reaching a Causal vibration.

When we cross the Veil between worlds to the other side and reconcile with our Karma we cannot say, the devil made me do it or the means justified the end.

The Ancestors

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Sunday, February 4, 2018



 Many believe that because there is nothing after death one may as well do as one pleases. The cyber world and social media have made it possible now to insinuate evil into the web without legal consequence and we do not have the laws to prevent it. Clever lawyers and lack of legal clarity have literally enable powerful people to get away with murder.
Free will governing karma in spiritual understanding is to have freedom to do whatever we want without harming or hurting anybody or anything or our own Higher Self. We are here to enjoy life responsibly.
For this reason Buddhists stress that the meditation on death is one of the most important that we can do. Our intention and choices governed by free will will determine our destiny. 

If we understand that the laws of spirit in the cosmic field are quite different to the laws we have in a sentient body on this earth we come to realize that selfish hedonistic thinking is untenable and can affirm the teaching of Krishnamurti that 
"Discernment is choiceness." 
and appreciate the teaching that 
"those that will be first will be last."
Buddhists believe that they are the true hedonists because their tenets are about true happiness. Positive psychology and neuroscience are now proving this to be true.

There are countless vibrations in the afterlife and we inherit the vibration we deserve spiritually - not materially. When we pass over the probability is that most of us will go to the vibration in the Astral realm that we have earned. 

In the Astral we undergo a reconciliation with our Karma under the guidance of a spiritual tribunal and then reincarnate back into the life we deserve. We are born to parents and into a situation that will best help us learn the lessons that we need to learn in the everturning wheel of life that is Samsara. We are all heading for spiritual perfection but this may take many lifetimes. 
Once we are in the Astral we lose free will and our Karma is set in stone. We can no longer act independently to correct prior misdeeds. We can, however, act through helping a living loved one through their free will 
and to some extent complete what we never accomplished in our prior life. 
The Ancestors

The few enlightened, perfected souls will go to the Causal vibration that they deserve. The Buddhists call this the Pure Land, the Kabbalists the Garden of Eden and the Yogis say this is bliss or Moksha (liberation.) All bodisatvas pray and practice so when they  reincarnate and then can practice Buddhism at a higher level. 

The Ancestors

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Sunday, January 28, 2018


Free will is the cosmic law and choice is directly related to Karma. Skillful choices result in good consequences, unskillful ones - the opposite. These consequences, part of the law of Cause and Effect, are not localized in time. The law demands we do good for its own sake not for consideration of getting a reward and that we don't do bad things out of concern for spiritual damnation. Nevertheless it disappoints most of us that what comes around often doesn't go around quickly enough. 

                                        The Ancestors  

We must be free to follow our Divine given destiny as much as  possible in our complex but democratic Western environment.
Fate is not the same as destiny. Destiny is our own Divinely inspired gift that we are given with the promise we made before we came into the planet to carry it out. We are here to help and correct injustice for all Beings;
"Still, Growing, Wild and Talking" 
with that gift. 
We need to choose helping which of these Beings suits our Archetype best.
Fate essentially is the cards we are dealt in life which depend on our human conditioning; the family we were born into and into what circumstances, our schooling, our religion, our friends, relatives and associates, and the work we end up doing. We are meant to try and rise above our fate into our Divine given destiny.
Our Karma will be adversely affected to the extent that we interfere with anyone's Free Will - hence possibly altering their fate and preventing them from finding that destiny. 
Even a well intentioned parent who manipulates a child's fate to conform to a projection of his or her own image of whom the child must be, will be held accountable. At the end of the day, however, only we are accountable.

The Ancestors

Although this may not be directly related to Karma there are now numerous double blind medical studies that have shown that "distant" healing or prayer can favorably affect someone's health outcome, sometimes so significantly that if it were a pill and not dispensed one could be considered negligent. Due to the nature of the studies the folks that were in the treatment arm could not know that they were being healed or prayed for from a distance because then the placebo affect rather than distant healing could be operating. They had to be "blinded" from that fact which in a sense says they were not given informed consent. 
Maybe they did not want to get better? 
It has been argued that these studies may not be ethical. They had not refused conventional treatment but maybe some would have been unhappy with this unconventional treatment. Interestingly one of the first studies done was performed in a coronary care unit in the south of the U.S.A. where the cardiologist was frustrated with  religious leaders consistently coming into the unit to pray for the patients. He wanted to prove once and for all that prayer did not help. He proved himself wrong. The Ancestors say below that it is ok to share the "grace of well being for others..." However, for some, especially if they are obtunded, confused or pre-terminal and have had no say this might be different.
Sometimes I am asked in my divinations to throw the bones for someones son, daughter, sibling, ex etc... The Ancestors in light of free will do not allow this (as long as they are not a minor) unless that person has given his or her consent. The person of interest may show up in a certain light in the cosmology of the general reading of the client which is fine but the client cannot delve into the circumstances of another's life path. This is different of course if the person in point is harming the client in some way. Then these circumstances can be inspected because they are affecting the free will of the client.

The Ancestors
Witchcraft and sorcery that comes from a heart of envy which can affect free will in "creating a spell" applies here.
It is well to remember for those who do not believe witchcraft or sorcery can hurt or harm that if distant healing works so too must distant hexing.

These days it seems as if the world has lost its moral compass even at the highest level with our leaders and religious institutions. We see dictators like Mugabe in Zimbabwe literally getting away with murder and the maxim live for today for tomorrow you die seems to rule. Many of us feel helpless to do anything about the immorality that abounds, political paralysis, the effects of climate change and the crazed leader of North Korea who threatens the planet and human existence. We may feel hopeless. The Ancestors advise...

If we also can actualize them, all the better.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018


This first in a series of new blogs for 2018 is on Karma and Free Will. Before talking about the rules of Cause and Effect we need to address Free Will since choice is key to how we manage Karma. The current blog will supplement the upcoming talk in Santa Barbara on the subject (February the 10th.) The subject is huge so the intention here is to fill some gaps with the help of ancestral wisdom not only for those coming to the talk but to those who can't.

We have to recognize that when we deal with Free Will and Karma there are factors from within and from without that will influence our choices.
The shadow or evil inclination within each of us will have a lot to say about making us choose unwisely. The shadow is supported by our Monkey or Narrow Mind and the various shades of ego that can come in many guises in the form of self-cherishing, desirous attachment (being attached to the object of our desire,) and judgment which make us feel better about ourselves at others' expense. Tricksters and dark forces and even witchcraft from without can also affect choice to our detriment. 
Luckily our inclination to do good, Spacious mind, spiritual practice and our spirit guides balance these negative contracting forces.
I spite of this we need more than ever to realize that we have little control but that karma eventually will reconcile all worthy grievances.

The Ancestors

The Ancestors

The Ancestors also warn that...

Choice is precious and without the tension between good and evil there would be no possibility for spiritual perfection, The Ancestors teach that we are all heading for this "becoming" but that for some (young souls) it may take many more lifetimes than for others (older souls.)
The Ancestors 


Its also important to realize that there are global karmic affects that sometimes affect those that least deserve it. This is particularly relevant for those of us living in Santa Barbara county where recently Nature's manifestations have had biblical like consequences. The elements of earth, water, fire and wind have shown us the power of Gaia who is pissed off with our behavior towards her. Hence we all share not only an individual karma but also a global responsibility to do all that we can to bring in more light to counteract the dark around us.

The Ancestors 

Looking forward to 2018 as a year of personal and global transformation which is seminal and more time sensitive than ever with the challenges we face on our small planet.
One of the key things we will be karmically accountable for is to what extent did we help correct injustices toward the Still, Growing, Wild and Talking beings.

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Friday, December 1, 2017


The hero/ine comes away from the quest of the Threshold with a new vision of who he or she wants to be in the world. This is just a start rather than the end point. There is not just one final Hero's journey but often many. Sometimes the "bed" as in the story of the Three Bears, feels just right for that moment but then begins to get lumpy after a while and the dissatisfied seeker needs to move on to the next quest or look for the next clue in the treasure hunt. The treasure of course is realization of one's destiny or unique archetype. At the end of the day the vision and the dream is about your task or service in one form or another toward one or more of the Four Beings; Still, Growing, Wild or Talking.
The reentry often leads to mixed emotions and even a reentry depression since the heroine has often been in an altered state of consciousness and now has to come back to reality and actualize the vision. 

There is always the menace of a "fall" when the hero fails to incorporate what has been learned during Threshold and it becomes a reproachful memory of, 
"if only I had... and I wonder if...?"
And the hero/ine is being what he aint and not what she is.

Black Elk and Patterson describe the consequences to one's personal power if the vision is not followed - one has to actualize the vision to come into one's purpose.

The advantages of truly following your heart with passion are well worth the perseverance and the coming into one's destiny.

Happy holidays and I wish for you your own Incorporation and much meaning from it for 2018.
Talk again next year.

(Eduardo Calderon, a skilled Peruvian curandero or shaman - now deceased - would salute the four winds in each of the four directions in his rituals.)
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and Isaiah's vision of them 
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Saturday, November 25, 2017


So how do we find our unique archetype in complex world with so may options? When I left school many years ago it was much simpler. Trade or Profession?? And then you could count each category on the fingers of both hands. 
It was easier still for indigenous peoples for whom there were basically four main archetypes. There still are these basic four but now each has numerous confusing possibilities. Just as there are four archetypes, there are four directions (actually six if you include up and down.) It is convenient to think of an archetype in each direction as below (Angeles Arrien.) According to some Native American traditions we go from the;

 South (the child - Healer archetype) 

to the West (the adolescent - Teacher,) 

to the North (the adult - Leader or Warrior,) 

and eventually
to the East (the elder - Visionary (guru, priest,) Shaman, Artist, Musician.) 

The wounded child of the South often became a healer, the adolescent of the West needs a wise teacher, the North, the place of ice and snow in its season Winter, required a strong leader-warrior to survive and eventually the elder of the East becomes the visionary or crone. This may be the equivalent of the yogi/ni who in the last third of life goes walk about in the forest to find enlightenment.
It is important to realize that the directions belong to everyone. A Peruvian curandero (medicine man) I knew saluted the four directions by spraying chicha (an alcoholic beverage) in each direction as a sign of respect and gratitude. 
Isaiah the biblical prophet had a vision of the six directions which in Kabbalah also fit into the sephirot of the Tree of Life. We need to find out what the directions mean to each one of us and glean any knowledge we can from the ancients with respect and humility. The directions in the Southern hemisphere will be different to those in the North and the power animals to call upon in each direction will also differ. Furthermore in addition to an archetype, each direction also may have; a color, a season, a power animal, a chakra, an element and anything else that is important to the quester. In Kabbalah there is also a wind, a river, an archangel, a sephira, a Hebrew letter and so on. Devise your own and make it meaningful to you. It helps to get ideas from indigenous and other cultures.

Native Americans traditionally went on some form of a vision quest to find out who they really were as did most indigenous peoples who initiated before reaching adulthood. Van Gennep described his phases of initiation as being unique to indigenous initiation. In Africa the Threshold phase often involved circumcision depending on the tribe. There are schools in North America and now elsewhere across the globe following Native American traditions and usually embarking on a solo fast in wilderness for four days (one for each direction) in order to help the seeker find her true purpose. 

David Cumes (Inner Passages Outer Journeys)

Nature is the best place to encounter the opposites and learn the lessons blocked by our limited left brain form of education and the often spiritually inhibiting temptations of Western sophistication. When we balance the polarities of up/down, hungry/satiated, thirsty/quenched, terrified/tranquil, hot /freezing, day/night, sun/moon, masculine/feminine, cognitive/intuitive, love/fear we can reach greater equilibrium and insight. When we focus on the "Soft Fascinations" of wild places such as sensations, sunsets, scenes, smells or aromas and the sounds or mantra of nature we can see more clearly. The "Hard Skills" which tempt us so often are usually a deterrent. Nature is a room with many windows and doors to spirit and countless metaphors to apply to our daily lives and find meaning in a world overwhelmed with technological gadgets many of which we don't need. Nature demands we attend to needs and not wants if approached with right inner intention.
In this manner as Westerners we can design our own solo vision quest that does not need to turn into a Near Death experience although if it does it may be all the more powerful. Often the harder the quest the more benefit but the opposite can also be true. However, fear is frequently a great facilitator of change.
Aldo Leopold a wilderness psychologist said; 
"It must be a poor life that obtains freedom from fear."

At the end of the day the Hero/ine's journey is about reconnecting with the planet and its four beings in a giving way that has meaning. It is not about separation but connection, not about duality or a Lone Ranger complex but unity.This will mean leaving behind old ways to accept the new. The journey is not an easy one.

To those interested in the story and rather prolonged hero's journey of dreaming, finding, building, manifesting and leaving an indigenous healing center in remote South Africa (THE SOURCE - TSHISIMANE) please go to my web site
Here is a song inspired by the experience 

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