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Ancient wisdom is coming into alignment with neuroscience and quantum physics in many ways.

Patanjali described his 5 sheaths (or bodies) of consciousness millennia ago and now F.M.R.I. (Functional MRI) studies are showing these truths to be real.

In the center is the Atman or Higher Self or Soul

The Ancestors

The Body Sheath simply stands for itself. 

The Energy Sheath or our Etheric body is familiar to most of us as the Chakras and their 72000 connecting energy channels called Nadis. Mind Sheath is our Monkey Mind, our primitive survival mind that the Ancestors call Narrow Mind. Nothing creative happens here and for many of us it is a source of suffering because it is continually chattering messages of delusion on our shoulders. Its use is to get us out of survival situations. The lion circling the primal cave has now been replaced by a chronic flight or flight response imposed by stressful life styles. For many of us Monkey Mind is the default and can be seen on F.M.R.I in the more primitive areas of the brain. The only way to prevent it from becoming the default is to invoke spiritual practice. Monkey Mind, Ego and the Intellectual Sheath form a triad which is always in flux with Ego and the Mind Sheath predominating and the Intellectual Sheath,  (Big Mind or Buddha Mind or Christ consciousness) or Spacious Mind being put on hold. Monkey or Narrow Mind responds to emotions and the Sympathetic Autonomic Nervous System and can only be placated by the relaxation response (any form of meaningful meditation or of going inwards) a property of the Parasympathetic N.S. The latter also results in an Alfa brain wave pattern on E.E.G. in the brain and a feeling of equanimity and harmony.
The Mind Sheath is supported by the Buddhist concept of 
Store Consciousness. These are the cellular and "soulular" memories or the skeletons in our karmic closet which sometimes come out of the closet to sit with us in the living room of our lives. These too can only be controlled by spiritual practice.
Monkey Mind is responsible for our negative habits or negative Procedural Memories. Procedural memory can be energy efficient and allows us to automatically drive our car home without even thinking. It is operative even as cellular memory, for instance in gymnasts, musicians and surgeons. However, it can be counter effective especially in stressful situation e.g. if we are on a diet,   find ourselves in front of the doughnut store and go in for comfort food. Spiritual practice is essential to keep us on track with a growth-full life.

The Intellectual Sheath or Spacious mind contains our higher thoughts, ideas, notions, concepts, ideals, discernments and discriminations. Monkey Mind focuses on our desires, lusts, habits, addictions, compulsions and negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy and the desire for vengeance. Spacious Mind is focused in the prefrontal lobe of the brain. Buddhists and other experienced meditators can be seen to have more neuronal density in this area which lights up on F.M.R.I. For them the Intellectual Sheath is the default excepts in highly stressful situations. We should allow our procedural memory to be primed by Spacious Mind rather than Monkey Mind. Similarly we should enable our subconscious to be primed by the same remembering that the 
Subconscious is recording events 
and that ultimately it is the subconscious which controls our conscious minds and our behavior. In a sense the subconscious can be seen to be sitting with us on the couch of the living room with Store Consciousness telling us what to do continuously even if store consciousness is tucked away temporarily behind the closet door.

Spiritual practice is the glue that holds all these seminal and evidential concepts talked about in this new series of blogs viz. the Hero/ine's Journey, Positive psychology, Gratitude and reprogramming Monkey Mind which may be dominating our subconscious. Guided imagery and imagination are key to filling our subconscious with a positive outlook. No matter what we think we think in terms of our conscious mind controlling our destiny it is the subconscious that determines what we become.

Here are some contrasts between the two "Minds." Meditate on these and others important to you.
The Ancestors also bring Heart into the equation of Narrow/Monkey Mind, Ego, Spacious Mind, Store Consciousness and the subconscious. We must not forget the heart and be sure it is also primed by Spacious Mind. 

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

 The Hero/ine's journey

In future blogs we will also talk about:

Positive Psychology 
 Research on Gratitude
How our Subconscious sabotages our progress and how to counter it with Imagination 
As well as how they also all interconnect and support one another.

The Hero/ine's (which we have discussed before in the light of the wilderness experience) has many shades and can be done at all levels of self-actualization as well as deeper levels of Self-realization. It can occur because of deep yearning or inner calling that propels us out of who now are to who we might become. However, it can also be a kick in the butt that propels us in the right direction and out of our complacency.

Outward Bound organization takes folks of all ages and skills into nature and gives them increasingly difficult skills to perform assuring their success leading to self-mastery, concept, worth, esteem and even self actualization. Maslow "Survival" Needs embrace these principles. These also take place in our lower three survival chakras especially the third which is ego and our power base. We have to somewhat master these chakras before we graduate to the higher "Growth" Needs above the diaphragm. Its best not to skip chakras. Outward Bound has taken many students on a hero's journey to master these energy centers.
Once we graduate to the higher chakras the journey changes in intent and we become "Inward Bound. Now we are more aware of the need for going transpersonal and transcending up the chakra hierarchy to a greater Self-awareness and Self-Realization. The Ancestors prefer the word "Becoming" since we are never really Self-Realized - there is no end point - there is always room for more spiritual perfection and enlightenment.
"Stuff" and attachment to things and fame or our persona and ego will get in the way of the Hero's journey.
Rumi said; 
Give up owning things and being somebody. Quit existing."
and Lao Tzu;
Care about peoples approval & you will be their prisoner.

There are three phases to the Hero's journey (Van Gennep.) Van Gennep studied rites of passage and initiations in indigenous societies and defined these stages which are similar to Joseph Campbell's description of the archetype.


In Separation the calling leads the hero to leave friends and family behind to embark on the journey. Here fear will always come up and resistance also because friends and loved ones are inducing you not to go. This may be because they are protective or they themselves have similar yearnings but lack the courage to proceed. In the typical archetypal journey the hero is give an object of power  (classically a sword or some such.) In our modern world it might be being inspired by a book, a workshop, a friend or anything else.
The "involuntary" journey is often propelled by loss of a job, a loved one or loss of health. One has a choice as to what to do in this instance - turn the shit into manure - or as the Buddhists say "take your suffering and make something useful out of it" or resign to a victims fate - understandable but not useful. In every catastrophe there is opportunity for growth and transformation rather than resignation and desperation. Fear is always part of the Separation as it is with all phases of the journey.

 Threshold is often the dark night of the soul where instead of facing the archetypal physical fear of being mauled by the wolf threatening the village one faces the inner demons arising out of inner fears. The latter is usually part of the "involuntary" journey which is forced upon one. A victory is won against all odds over the inner and outer threats and the heroine returns with the grail - for instance recovering from an ordeal with breast cancer and now a commitment to help other women in similar circumstances.
The difference between the Hero and the Warrior archetype is that the hero come back to give away the grail. The Warrior also goes through separation and threshold (e.g. the olympic gold medalist) but usually keeps the grail for himself - the family or the corporation... The hero gives it away to serve.
The key factors for the journey is a receptivity to the power of the archetype that gives the intention to transform no matter the challenge. Passion and will are huge here. The process usually involves a humbling or subordination of the ego to the Higher Self. Those who have the furthest to go gain the most but this takes time to process. When emerging from Threshold especially when its not voluntary and just happens, there can be initial resistance because the prospect of change is so daunting. Hence there is often a need to peel the outer layers usually of material stuff and other attachments out of the way of the goal. Its been said that;
"Its not what happens to you but what you do with it that counts."

The Incorporation is often the most difficult i.e. holding the vision or following one's myth or bliss. As we will see this is about finding one's true archetype and destiny or as Seligman says being in the flow of one's signature strengths. Being the father of positive Psychology and therefore a scientist he does not speak of Hero's journeys or spiritual practice. The combination of positive psychology, the hero's journey and spiritual practice enhances the power of his principles enormously. 
A regular spiritual practice to keep one on the path and aligned with the intuitions and dreams for your vision is key.

The Ancestors

There are some tips about Incorporation besides the spiritual practice that holds it together. These also support Seligman's teachings that will be in another blog.
A community or Buddhist like sanga of like minded seekers is hugely supportive. Walk the talk (or the aha from the journey,) do not talk the walk. Do not cheapen your vision and put it on the mantel piece for anyone to see and to maybe invalidate or criticize. Let others notice changes in your behavior rather than your speech. Keep your day job - there is no value in going into survival mode. You may need to live out the vision in your spare time. Do not necessarily expect to get paid - volunteer. The journey is a long one and takes time. Be patient. It is ever evolving and changing and may be very different to what you first thought it would be. Beware the "fall" - be careful of losing the mission or the way. Attend to needs rather than wants - simplify - clear the decks! If you cannot change what you do change the way in which you do it. The decision then may be to advance one's spiritual understandings so that one sees things in a new way. Maybe find a Buddhist teacher and a sanga.

This description  of Singing Stone is one of a Native American Vision quest of a spiritual warrior eventually meeting his Ancestors in the place he is meant to be.

As Dogen said;
"When you find your place where you are practice (the work) begins."
 Zen saying s;
Before enlightenment chop wood carry water,
after enlightenment, chop wood carry water (but in a new way of service to others and not oneself.)

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In the next series of blogs I plan to talk about those spiritual principles that are slowly coming into the main stream and are being validated especially by research, positive psychology and neuroscience. Meditation is already one of those but it was not so long ago that it was felt to be a bit weird in the West. Now even the U.S. army is using mindfulness meditation to help Veterans with PTSD. When I began to practice yoga in the 80's most of my colleagues thought I had lost it but now you almost cannot walk down a street in California without seeing someone with a yoga mat. Granted this is Asana yoga only one of the eight limbs of the discipline.
Even when it comes to some of the more esoteric spiritual phenomena such as kundalini, samadhi, the search for the Higher Self, shamanism or distant healing rather than giving credit to their origins modern researchers tend to make them more official and believable by inventing their own titles for phenomena that have been with us since the beginning of humanity such as; 
physiological arousal, cathartic conversion experience, coherence, superfluidity, congruence, medical intuitive, distant influence on biological systems etc.
We are returning to what we once knew with a certain arrogance in the "discovery."

Sadly with the sophistication of technology, the power of social media and the hypnosis of compelling material "stuff" it is becoming more challenging to stay on the path to spirit. There are now an ever increasing number of technological "golden calves" to distract us from truth. Many of these are useful - many are just  sexy or money making gimmicks which make us lazier. Most alarming is that our very impressionable youth are burying themselves in smart phones and violent video games rather going out to play or exploring nature's wonders. 
Jung said that the search for the higher Self is at the core of all human motivation whether we realize it or believe it or not. 
The Zohar says that when we are born we are shown the first light that occurred when the earth was born and from that time we are all impelled knowingly or not to go back to that light and to the embrace of our Creator. Maybe this is the same light and feeling of overwhelming love that folks who have had a Near Death Experience witness. It is so compelling that they do not want to come back and are coerced into doing so to complete work not yet complete. 
There are many things that get in the way of our "becoming"  or spiritual evolution.

At the end of the day its simple though difficult - attend to needs rather than wants and keep it simple so as not to distract ! 
Our ego reflects our persona which is a hazard; how we look, the car we drive, where we live, our certificates on the wall of our office, our Facebook post etc. In other words fame. 
Lao Tzu said; 
"... care about what others think and you will always be their prisoner."
 And the Ancestors affirm;

We are here to enjoy our sentient bodies but to enjoy them responsibly. The Ancestors say that we will be accountable for any physical pleasures that we are legitimately entitled to partake that we did not enjoy 
as long as they do not interfere with our karma
(i.e. following our destiny, help heal the planet, do no harm, subordinate the ego to the higher Self and to love or at least treat others as we ourselves would want to be loved or treated.)
 Apart from these rules which have consequences, we are here to be in joy of the creation and of ourselves.

The Ancestors

The glue that holds all of this together is spiritual practice, without which we would be lost. Just as we ourselves are all unique it behooves us to find a practice that works for our unique and special Selves. The Ancestors teach;
"There are many holy prayers and paths to transformation, you are to find the one made and meant for you."
That practice can almost be anything that is done for its own sake (not to perform, perfect or look good,) that is regular, enjoyable and sustainable. For the busy Western mind it can be more than just one thing, yoga and walking on the beach, meditation and playing ones guitar or drumming. 
It is of no use to us to follow the path of some "guru" when it does nothing to enhance our own vibration. Even if something works for a while, when it stops being useful its time to move on no matter how enlightened the teacher. One needs to be careful of teachers who insist theirs' is the only or the best way, even if it is for them and for many of their students. Krishnamurti advised strongly about avoiding the guru complex and finding one's own way. In other words to find ...
A guide from the side rather than a sage on a stage.
Many books are filled with self invented spiritual principles and untruths about profound spiritual encounters that never happened.

These next blogs will be about some of those techniques - ancient and modern -that refine our vibration and make us better human beings. Anything that aligns our chakras and our energy channels, nadis or meridians is commendable. The Ancestors are very much in favor of sensory, active forms of meditations - think of a Gospel church and Africans who say we pray by singing and dancing. There is a Chassidic saying that with song one can open the gates of heaven and...

Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.”  de Chardin
Joy and gratitude are powerful form of practice. Think of the ecstatic Sufi poets. 

In future blogs we will also talk about:
 The hero/ine's journey 
Positive psychology 
 Research on gratitude
How our subconscious sabotages our progress and how to counter it with imagination 
These are universals we can all relate to and that work. They also interconnect and augment one another.

An effective spiritual life and practice should help enhance the following:
Make us more forgiving and compassionate with an increased capacity to love.
Lead to a greater ability to trust and surrender.
Help us avert complacency and encourage us to embark on more hero/ine journeys.
Bring us into alignment with our true Selves our destiny and congruence.
Bring more gratitude, meaning to our lives and equanimity.
Align our energy bodies in such a way that we have greater access to the "Field," our guides, dreams and non local information.

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Faith and Kundalini can work miracles and when we fine tune our energy body and align our chakras the Ancestors affirm that...
We have confined ourselves to laws that we have created with our limited understandings of the 1% world that we think we know about.
They also stress that; 
"The measure of your faith is the only limit to realizing God's potential for you."
Faith and Kundalini together can miraculously induce spontaneous remission of "incurable" diseases that have defied the best that modern medicine has to offer. This is equivalent to seeing water run uphill - it should not happen! 
Both are difficult to access and attain. Faith has to come from within, as for those more than 60 cases of remission documented by the Vatican Medical Commission that occurred at Lourdes. There have been many more in other power places or from empowered healers beyond Lourdes. A common ingredient in these cases was faith and  
an inner knowing that all would be well 
and also often energy moving in the body or other paranormal experiences.
The Vatican Medical Commission probably did not know what Kundalini was but they described Kundalini like experiences in those having spontaneous remission: 
Heat (e.g. a burning fire in the chest) 
Vibrational or electrical, tingling like sensations traveling in the body especially up the spine
Peak or oneness experiences and those of transcendence
Being transported beyond oneself, O.B.E.'s and shamanic states
 Feelings of intense love, empathy or compassion
 Connecting with spirit guides or ancestors (and sometimes being told they would be well.) 

These which are similar and transcultural include ...
The large body occurs when someone has an O.B.E. (short for out of body experience) and looks down at the body which looks elongated or huge. Therianthropes are images of shapes shifting seen in ancient rock art. These are common in indigenous, nature bound peoples.
Entheogens (mind altering plants used in sacred ceremony) are another way of accessing the Field and the paranormal. This is a description of one woman's experience with Ayahuasca, the vision vine of the Amazon, facilitated by a shaman in a healing ritual. She had a spontaneous remission of her breast cancer.

Maslow's Peak experiences are similar. He (and others) have described these as occurring during childbirth, with orgasm, music, dance, drumming, body awareness, solitude, spiritual practice, uncovering a scientific discovery and in nature.
The yogis describe this as Unity Consciousness or the Oneness experience when 
Knower, Known and Process of Knowing 
fuse into one thing. Their ultimate expression of Kundalini occurs in Samadhi.
A "mini-samadhi" is more common than one might think for instance; 
You (the Knower,) the sunset you are watching (the Known) and Process of you Knowing the sunset fuse into one and for a brief moment in time you are in bliss.

There are other manifestations including; psychosis with a florid and overwhelming Kundalini (Lee Sanella the psychiatrist wrote a book on it,) magical powers such as control of fire, shamanic initiation and shaktipat where the teacher can impart Kundalini to the student (The Bushmen may shoot invisible arrows of Num into an initiate having trouble breaking through to it in the trance dance.)

There are also paranormal experiences that do not necessarily involve the flow of Kundalini like energy but are usually associated with grace or vibrational alignment of the chakras and energy channels and the opening up of the Third Eye. Grace is often associated with a state of faith.
Daat, not a true "sephira" is situated just below Keter, the Crown, on the Tree of Life.

Synchronicity occurs when an outer event coincides with an inner one such as a thought e.g. you are thinking of someone you havnt thought of in years and then the phone rings and its her on the line.
Superfluidity or being in the "Zone;" when skillful actions seem to just flow almost almost uncontrollably of their own accord (common in supreme athletes.)
Coherence or the Maharishi effect. The Maharishi university stated that when a certain number of people were meditating in an area the crime rate dropped. 
Distant healing and prayers for healing and peace work - the more the number of participants involved the more the effect. Group meditations are often more powerful than when one is on their own.
Remote viewing (and remote diagnosis)
Telekinesis or psychokinesis
Dreams - the Zohar says; "dreams are the unripe fruit of prophesy"
Trance-channeling and connecting with spirit guides

Essentially these phenomena help us in our search for 
a term the Ancestors prefer to enlightenment or Self realization (since it is a journey with no arriving or end point.) They are magical and Self-affirming but not essential. 
A slow gradual change in knowing and vibrational alignment is a way of climbing up "the mountain" slowly with strong intention. We never really bag the peak! Sometimes it helps, however, to get a glimpse of the view of what may be one of a myriad of aspects of the peak with one of these experiences. Otherwise one may need to look back several years to see how far one has come otherwise the changes can be almost intangible. This can help us to actualize our progress more strongly.
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Sunday, October 14, 2018


(Apologies for the episodic change in the font size in last weeks blog - no matter how much I tried to correct it - it would just revert to small.) 
The paranormal is just the normal that has not yet been explained.
When one visits some indigenous cultures and their shamans we often believe that they have magic we cannot explain. When they witness some of our technologies they believe we are the wizards.

They are the masters of the spirit world and we hold the mysteries to science. Both are valid and should compliment each other.
As Augustine of Hippo said; "
Miracles happen not in opposition to nature but in opposition to what we know about nature."

Quantum physics is taking us beyond Newton - (which has served us well) - and is often puzzling or even contradictory. The Observer Effect tells us that when we observe a particle it changes its behavior?
We have come to rely on objective science - data and in medicine, double blind controlled studies which are limited. Eastern tradition and indigenous wisdom, however, also rely on subjective science - seeing is believing and experiencing subjectively also holds truth e.g. altered states of consciousness which often allow access to "non local" or if you prefer quantum information.

One cannot talk about the cosmic mystery without indulging in the "para"-normal. We are going where our usual language can no longer explain what is happening.


Rumi said; "Out there beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a Field, I will meet you there..."

And the Bhagavad Gita;
"Whatever being comes to be, be it motionless or moving derives its being from Field and Knower of the Field."
The Knower of the Field is the Great Spirit and the Field is value neutral, democratic and like the Internet light and dark must have free reign. Free will determines in which direction we choose to travel there.
The Field is mostly unknowable but can be accessed with a variety of meditative techniques. Spirt guides can help give us information not localized in space and time by downloading day time intuitions, scripting our dreams and even "visiting" us in dreams. This  requires that we "ask to receive" since the cosmos is governed by free will. Many Africans cannot understand why we are so detached from our ancestors, pay them no heed and do no rituals on their behalf. My sangoma mentor would say;  "the trouble with you folks in the West is that you do not connect to your ancestors - you are unsupported in life, like papers blowing in the wind." Remembering them ritually, having a dream journal and an altar can help. By allowing them to help us we "lift them up" (in Zulu - "pagamisa") and they can do service through our free will from the other side. This improves their karmic imprint before they need to reincarnate. We help them with gratitude, forgiveness and love. 

Accessing the Field and its wisdom is simple but extremely difficult. These are the basics: 
Have a dedicated, enjoyable, regular, sustainable spiritual practice which is done for its own sake. To the extent that one is capable of nurturing Kundalini and this life force, spirit or prana the challenge will be easier. This feminine energy located at the base of the spine is universal and well known to Southern African tribal peoples as a serpent that resides in the lower belly which is key to spiritual power. The Zulus call it Umbilini, the San Bushmen - Num. They move it by singing, chanting, dancing and drumming.

Subordinate ego (small self,) monkey mind, shadow and tricksters to the higher Self, the inclination to do good, spacious mind and our spirit guides. This requires knowledge of ancient wisdom as well as a dedicated spiritual practice.
 Open the heart, to love, forgiveness and compassion (as in namaste - I see the Divine in you) and love everyone no matter what we think of them or even if we do not even like them. This is no easy challenge.
Pay attention to dreams which can give access to non local realities and the paranormal. The Zohar teaches that dreams can be the fruits of prophesy.

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Immerse in nature and its sacred spaces and places.
Entheogens or sacred mind altering plants used in ritual are another way but one needs to be wary of who helps you navigate, site, set and setting and how well the sacred space is protected from spirit intruders. These plants can help open the door to alternative realities but although they are not addicting we have to be wary of relying on them. At the end of the day it should give way to inner techniques of which there are many. We have to find the practice that is best suited for our own unique predisposition.

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Sunday, October 7, 2018


The Garden of Eden is the most popular universal archetype of consciousness. However, it is not meant to be a dissertation on evolution or the quantum physics of the Big Bang. The bible left that information to future scholars and never refuted that there was more to come. The bible says we were made in the Creator's image which means we all have the potential to be a microcosmic version of the Divine. Out of our historical reservoir came brilliant minds and the miracle of science, because we are a micro-holographic representation of the power of Divine imagination. We should hope that the knowledge gleaned will improve and not destroy the planet. 
This brings us back to choice and the Garden of Eden experience which is living itself out today in the play of light and dark often highlighted in some of the most popular movies such as Star Wars as well as Caine killing his brother Abel. 
However brilliant we may become we will never be able to make Something out of Nothing, as did the Creator. 

Consciousness, which science does not discuss, is complicated and involves karma, the unrelenting wheel of samsara or reincarnation and as mentioned in a previous blog; 
the power of Free will balanced between our 
Good and 
Evil inclination. 
It also has to do with the triad of; 
Spacious mind (our higher notions,) 
Narrow or our primitive, survival, Monkey mind 
and Ego. 
This triad is always in flux together with our inclination to good or to do evil (our shadow side.) To the extent we subordinate our Shadow, Monkey mind and Ego to our Good inclination and Spacious mind and not the reverse we recognize the principles of  ancient wisdom. Our spirit guides are there to help us, the tricksters to sabotage us. This template was laid down In the Beginning in Genesis where we given domain over the other Beings, to do good and not evil and to perfect the Great Spirit's creation within our microcosmic existence made in the image of the Divine. We are here to co-create with the Divine.

Many do not believe in these consciousness concepts and more than ever the drive is towards irresponsible or responsible hedonism and live for today for tomorrow we die. Dawkins, who believes that anyone who believes in a Creator suffers from delusion is a protagonist for responsible hedonism based on Darwin's theory which also speaks to the advantage of evolutionary social responsibility. Dawkins and most scientists are living in a 1% world disbelieving in many of the credible mysteries around us that science cannot prove. They thrive on information and knowledge which on their own can be spiritually bereft and incomplete without understanding, wisdom and inner knowing. The paranormal is just the normal that we cannot explain. 
Moreover, this attitude falls far short of consciousness, ancient wisdom and the Ancestors' teaching; 
"if the law does not serve love, do not serve the law!"
The law often has little to do with love and morality. This kind of limiting attitude impoverishes lives and disallows us any appreciation of the magic around us. In order to see magic and the miraculous we first have to believe it exists.
The Ancestors also tell us;
to take the truth from whence it comes 
and we know that not everything around us can be proven.
Also that
when you no longer need to be right that the purity of your soul will shine through.

Buddhists say they are the ultimate hedonists because Buddhism holds the key to happiness and some control over the four rivers of suffering; uncontrolled, birth, sickness, aging and death. 
Any seeker on a meaningful path towards spiritual perfection is the bird eating of the "fruit" while the skeptic look on.
We know especially from Quantum physics that our scientific knowledge is sadly deficient and we are having to live more and more within the truths of paradox - that the opposite can also be true. 

Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle states that; 
"the more precisely the position of some particle is determined (now know to be a wave and not a particle) the less precisely its momentum can be known."
This very much sounds to my non physicist mind like; the more you know the less you know.
The observer effect is also confounding to Newtonian concepts and
... "that measurements of certain particle systems cannot be made without changing and affecting something in the system. There is no separation between the observer and the observed - they are part of the same system."
We are leaving Newtonian physics behind and now appreciating that we are living in a quantum universe full of paradoxes and secrets.

This interaction does not diminish with distance (the observer can be in a place remote from the experiment for the same observer effect to occur.) 
It can act as fast as the speed of light.
It links up locations without crossing space (experiments done on remote viewing at Stanford were controlled by sealing the observer in a lead lined chamber where no electromagnetic or ultrasound or anything else could enter to account for the observer's descriptions of the remote venue.)
Action at a distance is real and not localized in space and time.

If we extrapolate from this microcosm to our macrocosm
We are all one though not the same.

There is magic and miracles all around us, both the magic of the ordinary and the extraordinary. We just have have to be able to see them through a broader vision unconfined by the limitations of science. The essence of this is having a sense of awe and mystery. Dawkins book, The God Delusion, discounts anything that science cannot explain which leads to a loss of the miraculous around us.

Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, like most neuroscientists, always believed that the Near Death Experience was just a chemical expression of a hallucinating brain starved of oxygen. After having his own N.D.E. he is now an avid believer in a Creator, an after-life and spirit guides (in his book Proof of Heaven.) - as are those who have had an N.D.E. 

A good psychic or shaman can give one "quantum" information not localized in space and time by channelling it from the "Field" or the spirit world. In the reading ...
"Not localized in space" tells us that he or she can be in one place and you even in another country and the information channelled will still be the same as if they were sitting in front of you. 
Not localized in time may be telling of something that happened in the past or even is going to happen in the immediate future that is being revealed and is real.

The laws we have imposed on the natural world are limited and we inhibit ourselves by being confined to them. We are learning that D.N.A. and the brain are plastic whereas before they were thought to be cut in stone. Meditation can lengthen telomeres in the D.N.A. More than 60 cases of incurable diseases that defied the best Western medicine had to offer had spontaneous remissions when visiting Lourdes, (all documented by the Vatican Medical Commission.)
Our bodies are not solid at all but mostly empty space surrounded by orbiting vibrating micro particles.
Olgar Worrall, who was not a quantum physicist but a spiritual healer, understood this.

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Sunday, September 30, 2018


The Ancestors

So lets look at Genesis again through another story a basic archetype which has existed since the beginning of tie and plays out in our culture and most popular movies.
This is my "story" -  biased by what I believe and have learned. 
Why not make your own story?

Big Bang - maybe 13 billion or so years ago

Big Gap

Australopithecus 2-3 million years
Homo habilis and erectus - less than that

(Big gap but not as big)


The earth was unformed and void (maybe after the Big Bang and Paleo humans) and darkness was upon the face of the waters and the spirit of God hovered over the waters. And God said let there be light. # 1.

Let the firmament (interstellar space or heaven) divide the waters from the waters - the waters above from the waters below. 
(No biblical scholar is sure what the waters above means but commonly its attributed to clouds and rain.) # 2.

He then gathered the waters and there was dry land, the earth and the Growing Beings. # 3.

Then placed the moon and the stars by night for the seasons. # 4.

 He created the Wild Beings of the ocean and the air (birds in the beginning were actually dinosaurs.) # 5.

Then followed the Wild Beings of the earth, and Adam and Eve who were given dominion. 

i.e. Homo sapiens & consciousness.  # 6.

He rested on day 7, the Sabbath, and we are required to do so too (maybe to ponder the mystery with awe which in itself is spiritual practice.)
This awe is manifested in David's psalms and the writings of the Sufi poets.
The six days of creation could also have been 
Six Epochs. 

Science and the bible compliment each other. We are given free will to choose whether to believe in one - the other - or both. There is no reason not to choose both. Paradox must become part of our way of thinking to find the truth. Quantum physics is paradoxical and uncertain as in Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.

No-one knows when we developed human consciousness which is vastly different to the consciousness of Wild, Growing and Still Beings who have their own vibration and consciousness.

This is the essence of the Genesis story which is timeless. Its a story about consciousness. Humans were given free will to chooses between good and evil in the Garden of Eden. Ancient wisdom and now neuroscience with functional M.R.I. studies confirm that we have a Higher or Spacious mind or Buddha mind in the prefrontal lobe and a Narrow or Monkey mind - our survival response (which is also what animals have) - in the more primitive areas of our brains. Ancient wisdom adds that Spacious mind (our higher notions,) Narrow mind (our primitive impulses) and Ego form a triad that is always in flux. If we subordinate 
our evil inclination to our good inclination,
 and ego and Narrow mind to Spacious mind 
we develop a higher, Buddha or Christ consciousness. If the reverse occurs, we have the opposite. 

 There was also a Tree of Life in the Garden, a key archetype for regaining Eden and accessing Spacious mind and being admitted back into paradise, the pure land in Buddhism, the Causal realm in Yoga. However, the Creator appointed the Cherubim with the flaming swords to guard the way back into the Garden. No-one can reenter unless they are worthy.  The key to controlling Monkey mind and ego and subordinating them to Spacious or Big mind is spiritual practice combined with the power of spiritual knowledge, understanding and wisdom.
Science omits MEANING in creation and to be science, has to do so.

 The San Bushmen have been carefully studied as a possible remote link between us as hunter gatherers and early homo sapiens. When one visits with the San they appear to be very sophisticated spiritually. They seem to have developed a harmonious and happy cooperative society in spite of the punishing and unforgiving Kalahari desert where water is a luxury. On my any visits to them especially the early ones in 1987 when they were living mostly as hunter-gatherers they appeared to be non judgmental, humble, egalitarian (they had no leader,) with an unconditional love for children and an unconditional positive regard for each other. It was all for one - one for all where scant provisions and water were always generously shared. 
Sadly the more contact they have with us the more they realize how much "stuff" they do not have. 
Like most indigenous cultures who have lost their spiritual heritage and habitat they replace it with a different form of "spirit." The San Bushmen trance dance is a highly sophisticated form of out of body travel, practiced today where they connect with the spirit world for non local information that helps the clan. Rock art in the Apollo cave in Namibia shows they were doing this nearly 27,000 years ago (video of a dance in 2000 on my web site at  Maybe the the Garden of Eden is also a metaphor for the San's journey which began some time prior to 30,000 years ago. They have only recently been kicked out of their garden. 

Information is not to be equated with knowledge
Knowledge is not to be equated with understanding
Understanding is not to be equated with wisdom and knowing
And wisdom is not to be equated with virtue
The Ancestors

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