Saturday, December 10, 2016


For those interested in 
Kundalini as Transformation 
the two videos from a recent talk are up on my web site under "Videos" with another two on 
Connecting with Spirit Guides. 

There are two timely talks in February on 
The Play of Light and Dark - Infinite Polarity 
and more to follow in summer.

Have a wonderful holiday season and the best of everything for 2017.

I thought I would end the year with some of these quotes on judgment acknowledging that all below is easier said than done. 
There is still a lot of angst around the results of the election and justifiable concern about what is to come. Maybe these quotes, the messages in the songs and bumping up our spiritual practice will help us get over the current concerns and hopefully for some, the feelings of despair. 
There are only two emotions - love and fear. Judgment is often a manifestation of fear and ego. We do need to judge or maybe better still, discern or discriminate but it should not be out of anger or hate which are a part of fear. We cannot deny that evil exists and have to stand against injustice but not with malice in our hearts.  Challenging the negative with negative is ineffective. Love, light and laughter are required.

When we point fingers there are always three fingers pointing back at us. Judgment can be a projection of our own shadow and fears onto others.
The Ancestors say that there is only one real truth and that is Love. And also that; 
"Truth is often ego clinging to its own image."

Let the messages from the ancestors in the songs be a guide  about what the real issues are for us spiritually at this critical time. I have no clever answers other than the wisdom of the ancestors about being in danger of losing our spiritual power and our own unique destiny path.
Sometimes by perseverating on darkness we become part of it. Our karmic destiny is at stake here.
 Matthew and the Talmud imply that judgment can be harmful to our karma and if attended by malice can come back to bite us. We can harm ourselves spiritually more than having any affect on the one(s) we are judging.
Maybe all this personifies the Dalai Lama's non hateful attitude to the Chinese who have forced the Tibetans into diaspora and destroyed their sacred places.

Karma will reconcile all differences.

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More than ever...

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Maybe the wisest message is; 
"we cannot control results, only our actions, we cannot predict outcomes, only our choices."
And even if the bar has been lowered the U.S.A is still comparatively a good place to be, (says I on my way to South Africa.) We must trust that the system will sort things out.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Holiday season blog.

Before I head off for South Africa and hopefully also to some "Wilderness Rapture I thought in this blog I would  share a few songs and quotes, mainly so that one could do an active meditation maybe beginning with a quote or one of your favorite nature experiences and building on this with your imagination and... 
Seeing where the song takes you?
Maybe to your next retreat?
Maybe to some other hidden paradise?
Maybe to a relaxing nap?

I have been getting feedback from some of the blog readers and it seems that because I have been putting the songs at the end of the blog they are not being noticed or alternatively folks feel they cannot download or access them. (The other possibility is that there is no interest or no time for a meditation of this sort which is also fine.)
So for those who are interested in using the theme of the blog with the music as an active meditation this blog will have fewer words and more songs.
Feedback ( appreciated if this works for you or not. If not I may not include songs in next years blogs. 

See the links below
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This first song is called Mimoya which means spirit or spirit place (Zulu) and can be about meeting all the "Beings" in nature - Still, Growing, Wild and Talking - a prelude to entering a state of "Wilderness Rapture."


The Ancestors
This song - Isles of Gonne - is about a mystical wild place of the Druids where the Imagination, one's Heart and Love could all unite. They would sail there from Tir Na Nog.



The Zohar

This song - Hishtavut - means Equanimity, Harmony, Peace, Balance or when in nature - "Wilderness Rapture"



Unfortunately the songs do not flow one into the other so that you will have to come out of your reverie to download the next one. 

Primal Sound of the Universe (... a feeble attempt at a song that came in a dream)



Friday, November 25, 2016


Robert Emmons and other researchers have shown that Gratitude is a profound form of spiritual practice leading to joy, happiness and other wonderful attributes.
His research involved the following exercises:
The results were astounding:

The Ancestors appreciate gratitude as does the Creator.
The Ancestors also say; 
"we are all one - though not the same." 
All of us are made in the image of the Divine. God does not play favorites - but karma rules. As in Namaste - I see the Divine in you. These tenets are cause alone for gratitude.

In order for this to be fully actualized and not just be an intellectual construct we need to define and practice our God given gift that no-one else has and no-one else can manifest - our own unique archetype. 
This might require keeping our day job that pays the rent and developing this skill outside of our livelihood (or retirement.)
Gratitude is spiritual practice but being in contact with who we truly are also leads to gratitude.

There is no light without dark - no rose without a thorn and hence grief, sadness and struggle must be part of the human condition. Without conflict there can be no change, no progress. Hence we must embrace and even have gratitude for the pain when it comes but acknowledge that;
 pain is inevitable, suffering optional.

We are never alone and although we may not see, hear or feel them, our spirit guides are always with us. But because of free will -
we must ask to receive! 
The way we reciprocate is with love, forgiveness and gratitude, best done done in the form of ritual and with the help of an altar.
 (The video on connecting with spirit guides is still up on the web site for those who missed it. The recent two on Kundalini - the primal transformational energy of the  universe will be up very soon. These are three key videos to connect with Self, Spirit, Gratitude and our destiny.)

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Saturday, November 19, 2016



The Ancestors
Rev Nachmann; "Joy is not just incidental to your spiritual practice. it is vital!"



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The first song is  "Thank You" in English, Afrikaans, Hebrew, Venda & Zulu (Giyabonga)

Saturday, November 12, 2016


In these times of conflict and uncertainty take a walk on the beach or in the mountains and listen to music - "what me worry?"
No point - it don't help nothing. Can make you sick.

  Einstein confirmed that the deeper we go the less we know. 
The Ancestors
The Ancestors

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

                         MORE ABOUT SONG AND NATURE

        David the Psalmist (Psalm 19)... 
"Day to day utters speech and night to night expresses knowledge. There is no speech there are no words, the voices are not heard..." 
 ... the Sufi ecstatic poets ...


... and the Kalahari San Bushmen hunter gathers who derived their intense spiritual connection from Nature...

 The Ancestors always stress the importance of sensory meditation; "From my flesh shall I behold God. The soul's conversation is not of the mind. It is best heard with the senses," 

and there is no better place to find it than Nature and wild places. 
Munch is right that nature is the way to the soul.

Also it is easier to find states of rapture in Nature's  places of splendor but we should not neglect what the Kabbalists call; "The Magic of the Ordinary" in Nature which can also be Extraordinary.

This week I am including a few more songs to help with a sensory driven active meditation.
Love will help us to connect to ALL Beings

The Ancestors

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

In this and the next blogs I am including more songs from the spirit world. You can do an active imaginary meditation on ANY aspect letting the vibration of the music help you.
(Though the theme here has more to do with; Rites of Passage, Wilderness Rapture, Nature, the Elements, the Directions, the Four Being of Nature and Kundalini...) 

In Kabbalah's Six Directions;
 the North is the place of the Water element and the Growing Beings (Uriel - light, illumination, mystery.)
The East, Air and Wild Beings (Michael - loving kindness and "shining.") 
The South, Fire and Talking Beings (Rafael - healing and "cleansing.")
The West, Earth element and Still Beings (Gabriel - strength, courage and "blending.")
Down; receive, accept, dream.
Up; Shechina, the feminine presence of the Divine, giving blessings and bounty (the Yoga equivalent is Shakti.)
You can ask help and support from any of these Archangels and Polarities depending on their particular strengths.
(the last two blogs included songs on Isaiah's vision of these Beings, and the elements of Earth, Sea, Sky which you can revisit if you would like to compliment the meditation.)

This week I am including songs on; Water and Fire
and also a  Celtic Prayer (see below for the links.) 
It may help to first go back on any relevant blogs for any insights you need/want to focus on. 
The Water and Fire as well as Earth, Sea, Sky are also on my web site ( - go to videos) - as video induced meditations if you prefer. These were shot in the pristine bush at our Healing Center in the Soutpansberg mountains of South Africa before it was closed down.

Celtic Prayer 

Take any theme that has meaning for you and use the music to induce a meditative state or imagination on any aspect that pops into your head and then follow it 
(or do anything else that you prefer - no rules.)
It might be good to start with some real experience in (or out of) nature where and when you recall being in perfect balance with the cosmos.