Sunday, February 26, 2017


Lots of quotes this time from others who have said it much better than I can.
I had originally planned to do only a few posts on this subject but day by day it is becoming more and more important. So I will do a few more because I am getting asked and am also hearing  solutions that seem perfectly reasonable under the circumstances but may come back to bite us. 

Its my understanding that there are solicitations online to create "global" type "spells" to counteract or "bind" some of the dark that is heading our way due to the current circumstances. Just received an e. mail asking me if this is a suitable method for a bad situation. I thought I would say a few words about this. 
From a Karmic point of view we are here to correct injustice but not to counteract dark with dark 
-  if any solution constitutes darkness in any way. 
There is no doubt that in indigenous cultures it is often felt perfectly ok to correct witchcraft with witchcraft but this has bad Karmic consequence even though it can be effective. Its less likely to be effective on a global scale because free will is the cosmic law and there are so many variables and like Yogi Bearer said; "Its difficult to predict (or control) things especially when it comes to the future."
The Ancestors confirm;

The peaceful marches we have witnessed and the press upping the anti instead of standing down or being afraid is the way to go - the Buddha, Gandhi or Martin Luther King approach. 

This does not mean we should not counteract evil - for instance Isis - with equal or greater force. We desperately need our warriors to keep us safe. But the Karmically inclined warrior does not invoke hatred or the desire for vengeance and should be doing the task without malice) 
The Ancestors also say; "If the law does not serve love, do not serve the law!"which means protest and do whatever is in the light to counteract the challenge but we become part of the darkness when we allow our shadow or evil inclination to rule.
The Ancestors also tell us that; "One should be wary of mitigating against another's free will which is the cosmic law."

Besides Karma there are other universal truths we should remember.
We harm our soul and program our subconscious negatively if we go down this road, no matter how gratifying it may feel.

The Buddha also said that; "Hatred is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."
 and Montaigne that...

Our choices should embrace the light.

The Ancestors

Next week we will discuss some detailed remedies.

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Sunday, February 19, 2017


The tension between light and dark is essentially a result of the balance between the two basic feelings of love and fear.
Everything related to these polarities is a test and at the same time a template for spiritual perfection. The Creator does not micromanage. Karma; the law of cause and effect is a default function of the soul. We don't get away with anything and are eventually heading toward spiritual perfection after numerous life times where we come back again and again to correct our dysfunctions.
There are two kinds of stress, good or eustress and distress which is pervasive in today's world. Some folks strive on stress. For the rest of us the only way we can manage bad stress is with some sort of spiritual practice - a way of going inward so that we can shift from Monkey or Narrow Mind into Spacious or Big Mind. 
We cannot think our way out of our "survival" Monkey Mind. Stress busting for most of us is best translated in some way into the body - hence the success of the Asanas (only one of the eight limbs of Yoga) in the Western world today. 
There is a triad within all of us that is constantly in flux; Ego, Narrow/Monkey Mind and Spacious/Buddha Mind. An enjoyable, sustainable spiritual practice done regularly for its own sake and not to look good is essential if Spacious Mind is going to prevail. Narrow Mind is about fear, Spacious Mind about love.

What we need to fear most is not fully engaging in the antidotes to fear, as Pinkola Estes warns. We need to fear fearing and as Roosevelt said during the Second World War, 
"the only thing to fear is fear itself!"

In these difficult times where fear is being used for political gain we have to be even more vigilant in guarding our light.

The Ancestors tell us that "we are all one, though not the same." We are all composed of carbon atoms and the elements and will  return to the earth - dust to dust. Hence if we can see the Divine in everyone, as in the greeting Namaste, we would all be better off. The enemy can be ourselves. We should judge the behavior rather than the person.
The Ancestors advise further ...

Mandela managed to get his white Apartheid opponents to admire, like and even love him. Churchill after superseding Chamberlain to engage the Nazis befriended his opponent and even told him he could continue to live at 10 Downing street.

The Ancestors advise...

In these challenging times we should not disobey the law and get incarcerated but must act or speak out against injustice.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Someone just sent me this You Tube link below which is inspiring. It shows Arab and Israel women marching for peace and an African woman endorsing their attempts. Sadly it may be up to the women to show us the way and up to men and woman to help us fight evil in the form of Islamic fanaticism and anything else. Its also up to all of us to know the difference.

Take the time to watch the short link - it is inspiring. So sad someone has to forward it to me and its not even in the "news." Hopefully its on Facebook and will go viral.

Women of the World Unite Project
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The Ancestors' teachings have never been more vital... 

Sunday, February 5, 2017


The Ancestor's saying below warn us concerning dark forces;
"The single most powerful tool they have is in persuading us that they do not exist."
The dark forces were appointed by the Creator to challenge us and test our metal and Bodhisattvas look on adversity as tests of their spiritual practice. 
Tricksters know our weaknesses - our shadow and narrow or monkey mind vulnerabilities - and can play on them. 
"...The attack is often so well disguised it can even persuade us that it is our better judgment, our concern for the other.
We must be aware of anger and pride which are weapons of chaos connecting us to our destructive instincts..."

"Think of something that makes your heart sure and glad that can bring you back to equanimity. The dark forces are helpless in the face of love and laughter..."

The Ancestors

 If we lose patience, become angry or lose our sense of humor we empower them. 
"This too will pass."  

"If you do not want to see the shadow turn your face to the sun."
Aboriginal Saying.
There is also no dark force that cannot be overcome by the powerful forces of light working on behalf of the Infinite One.
The Three L's are the remedies for the Dark Forces, Light, Love and Laughter. Love encompasses gratitude and joy.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017


Jung was one of the first contemporary thinkers to stress how we project our own shadow onto others, and how damaging this can be
  individually or globally.

Ancient wisdom and especially the Ancestors stress how important our evil inclination or shadow can be in getting in the way of spiritual transformation. Nevertheless it also is essential for our survival! The Creator has also put within us the inclination to do good.
The most important thing for spiritual grown is the tension arising out of choice between one and the other. The Talmud stresses that 
he or she who has no evil inclination cannot do perfect service. As long as we make skillful choices our enlightenment process will be enhanced. Kabbalah tells us that we are always being tested to see how worthy we are.
Our evil inclination is also our weak underbelly that will make us rationalize why we should indulge in dysfunctional but possibly more pleasurable sentient temptations. By showing restraint, enjoying life's gifts responsibly and having right intent we can turn potential transgressions into karmic blessings.

There is an African proverb that says; "No matter how long the night, the day is sure to come."
The Ancestors stress; "Patience in the face of evil" (both that of the dark side of our selves as well as the tricksters who play on our weaknesses.
The play of dark with the light increases the closer we get to the light. The Ancestors call this A Costly Compliment. Nevertheless trickster spirits are always around trying to sabotage our spiritual progress. 
Mostly they are mosquitoes at the picnic, sometimes wasps at the event and if we are getting close to the Crown Chakra or Keter they can be more like rattlesnakes. Nevertheless the only thing to fear is fear itself. If we are really that close to the light and remain impeccable we will be protected by our guides
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

I hope you ended off 2016 fruitfully.
We have two talks coming up in February on the Play of Light and Dark and since we will not be able to cover this important subject in only four hours I thought we could kick off the New Year with some additional thoughts on this topic.

For those that can attend

The play of these two polarities is really the tension that arises between two feelings - Love or Fear. The emotion of Fear has many guises; hate, vengeance, envy, compulsions, cravings, addictions, habits..., all of which are part of Narrow or Monkey Mind which can only be controlled by spiritual practice.

The play of light and dark has been there since the beginning of time and since the Creation. As described in Genesis we were kicked out of the "Garden" for eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge - the knowledge of good and evil. Knowledge is commendable but has its dark side too since it leads us to be tempted amongst other things - irresponsibly - with the sentient pleasures around us. The Ancestors advise that; 
"Information is not to be equated with knowledge, knowledge is not to be equated with understanding, understanding is not to be equated with wisdom and wisdom is not to be equated with virtue."
In Genesis the punishment for eating of the Knowledge Tree and aligning with the serpent that represents the dark side was severe...
Fortunately there was also a Tree of Life in the Garden. If we can persuade the Cherubim who guard it with their flaming swords to let us in again we can still be readmitted if we are found to be worthy.

The Tree of Life is essentially a balance between contraction and expansion. Our will determines the balance. We can also refer to the contraction as Fear on the left (green here) side of the Tree and also in the center. On the right and in the center are the Five Loves designated above by the red hearts.
The central sephira or energy center of Tiferet or Beauty (blue) connotes love, empathy, compassion, forgiveness. The tension created by the triad of Judgment (Fear,) Mercy and Love is necessary for discrimination between right and wrong, skillful or unskillful. Kabbalah talks about "sweetening the judgments" - judging the behavior rather than the person since none of us are perfect.

Sadly many of our political leaders and the movies focus on vengeance and the mantra of; "I don't get mad, I get even!"

The choice between light and dark given to us by free will, and the relentlessness of Karma or the Law of Cause and Effects is in fact a paradoxical template for spiritual perfection occurring over many life times and through reincarnation. There can be no growth without conflict, no rose without a thorn so that we should embrace the challenges that life presents. If not for these, living would be like spiritual diabetes - extremely boring.
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Saturday, December 10, 2016


For those interested in 
Kundalini as Transformation 
the two videos from a recent talk are up on my web site under "Videos" with another two on 
Connecting with Spirit Guides. 

There are two timely talks in February on 
The Play of Light and Dark - Infinite Polarity 
and more to follow in summer.

Have a wonderful holiday season and the best of everything for 2017.

I thought I would end the year with some of these quotes on judgment acknowledging that all below is easier said than done. 
There is still a lot of angst around the results of the election and justifiable concern about what is to come. Maybe these quotes, the messages in the songs and bumping up our spiritual practice will help us get over the current concerns and hopefully for some, the feelings of despair. 
There are only two emotions - love and fear. Judgment is often a manifestation of fear and ego. We do need to judge or maybe better still, discern or discriminate but it should not be out of anger or hate which are a part of fear. We cannot deny that evil exists and have to stand against injustice but not with malice in our hearts.  Challenging the negative with negative is ineffective. Love, light and laughter are required.

When we point fingers there are always three fingers pointing back at us. Judgment can be a projection of our own shadow and fears onto others.
The Ancestors say that there is only one real truth and that is Love. And also that; 
"Truth is often ego clinging to its own image."

Let the messages from the ancestors in the songs be a guide  about what the real issues are for us spiritually at this critical time. I have no clever answers other than the wisdom of the ancestors about being in danger of losing our spiritual power and our own unique destiny path.
Sometimes by perseverating on darkness we become part of it. Our karmic destiny is at stake here.
 Matthew and the Talmud imply that judgment can be harmful to our karma and if attended by malice can come back to bite us. We can harm ourselves spiritually more than having any affect on the one(s) we are judging.
Maybe all this personifies the Dalai Lama's non hateful attitude to the Chinese who have forced the Tibetans into diaspora and destroyed their sacred places.

Karma will reconcile all differences.

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More than ever...

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Maybe the wisest message is; 
"we cannot control results, only our actions, we cannot predict outcomes, only our choices."
And even if the bar has been lowered the U.S.A is still comparatively a good place to be, (says I on my way to South Africa.) We must trust that the system will sort things out.