Sunday, January 28, 2018


Free will is the cosmic law and choice is directly related to Karma. Skillful choices result in good consequences, unskillful ones - the opposite. These consequences, part of the law of Cause and Effect, are not localized in time. The law demands we do good for its own sake not for consideration of getting a reward and that we don't do bad things out of concern for spiritual damnation. Nevertheless it disappoints most of us that what comes around often doesn't go around quickly enough. 

                                        The Ancestors  

We must be free to follow our Divine given destiny as much as  possible in our complex but democratic Western environment.
Fate is not the same as destiny. Destiny is our own Divinely inspired gift that we are given with the promise we made before we came into the planet to carry it out. We are here to help and correct injustice for all Beings;
"Still, Growing, Wild and Talking" 
with that gift. 
We need to choose helping which of these Beings suits our Archetype best.
Fate essentially is the cards we are dealt in life which depend on our human conditioning; the family we were born into and into what circumstances, our schooling, our religion, our friends, relatives and associates, and the work we end up doing. We are meant to try and rise above our fate into our Divine given destiny.
Our Karma will be adversely affected to the extent that we interfere with anyone's Free Will - hence possibly altering their fate and preventing them from finding that destiny. 
Even a well intentioned parent who manipulates a child's fate to conform to a projection of his or her own image of whom the child must be, will be held accountable. At the end of the day, however, only we are accountable.

The Ancestors

Although this may not be directly related to Karma there are now numerous double blind medical studies that have shown that "distant" healing or prayer can favorably affect someone's health outcome, sometimes so significantly that if it were a pill and not dispensed one could be considered negligent. Due to the nature of the studies the folks that were in the treatment arm could not know that they were being healed or prayed for from a distance because then the placebo affect rather than distant healing could be operating. They had to be "blinded" from that fact which in a sense says they were not given informed consent. 
Maybe they did not want to get better? 
It has been argued that these studies may not be ethical. They had not refused conventional treatment but maybe some would have been unhappy with this unconventional treatment. Interestingly one of the first studies done was performed in a coronary care unit in the south of the U.S.A. where the cardiologist was frustrated with  religious leaders consistently coming into the unit to pray for the patients. He wanted to prove once and for all that prayer did not help. He proved himself wrong. The Ancestors say below that it is ok to share the "grace of well being for others..." However, for some, especially if they are obtunded, confused or pre-terminal and have had no say this might be different.
Sometimes I am asked in my divinations to throw the bones for someones son, daughter, sibling, ex etc... The Ancestors in light of free will do not allow this (as long as they are not a minor) unless that person has given his or her consent. The person of interest may show up in a certain light in the cosmology of the general reading of the client which is fine but the client cannot delve into the circumstances of another's life path. This is different of course if the person in point is harming the client in some way. Then these circumstances can be inspected because they are affecting the free will of the client.

The Ancestors
Witchcraft and sorcery that comes from a heart of envy which can affect free will in "creating a spell" applies here.
It is well to remember for those who do not believe witchcraft or sorcery can hurt or harm that if distant healing works so too must distant hexing.

These days it seems as if the world has lost its moral compass even at the highest level with our leaders and religious institutions. We see dictators like Mugabe in Zimbabwe literally getting away with murder and the maxim live for today for tomorrow you die seems to rule. Many of us feel helpless to do anything about the immorality that abounds, political paralysis, the effects of climate change and the crazed leader of North Korea who threatens the planet and human existence. We may feel hopeless. The Ancestors advise...

If we also can actualize them, all the better.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018


This first in a series of new blogs for 2018 is on Karma and Free Will. Before talking about the rules of Cause and Effect we need to address Free Will since choice is key to how we manage Karma. The current blog will supplement the upcoming talk in Santa Barbara on the subject (February the 10th.) The subject is huge so the intention here is to fill some gaps with the help of ancestral wisdom not only for those coming to the talk but to those who can't.

We have to recognize that when we deal with Free Will and Karma there are factors from within and from without that will influence our choices.
The shadow or evil inclination within each of us will have a lot to say about making us choose unwisely. The shadow is supported by our Monkey or Narrow Mind and the various shades of ego that can come in many guises in the form of self-cherishing, desirous attachment (being attached to the object of our desire,) and judgment which make us feel better about ourselves at others' expense. Tricksters and dark forces and even witchcraft from without can also affect choice to our detriment. 
Luckily our inclination to do good, Spacious mind, spiritual practice and our spirit guides balance these negative contracting forces.
I spite of this we need more than ever to realize that we have little control but that karma eventually will reconcile all worthy grievances.

The Ancestors

The Ancestors

The Ancestors also warn that...

Choice is precious and without the tension between good and evil there would be no possibility for spiritual perfection, The Ancestors teach that we are all heading for this "becoming" but that for some (young souls) it may take many more lifetimes than for others (older souls.)
The Ancestors 


Its also important to realize that there are global karmic affects that sometimes affect those that least deserve it. This is particularly relevant for those of us living in Santa Barbara county where recently Nature's manifestations have had biblical like consequences. The elements of earth, water, fire and wind have shown us the power of Gaia who is pissed off with our behavior towards her. Hence we all share not only an individual karma but also a global responsibility to do all that we can to bring in more light to counteract the dark around us.

The Ancestors 

Looking forward to 2018 as a year of personal and global transformation which is seminal and more time sensitive than ever with the challenges we face on our small planet.
One of the key things we will be karmically accountable for is to what extent did we help correct injustices toward the Still, Growing, Wild and Talking beings.

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