Saturday, November 28, 2015

Todays blog is on how to help counter the dark around us during these crazy times

From The Ancestors

Just gave a talk on Southern African sangoma and ancestor healing wisdom and thought I would share some of the remedies against the dark side from these sources to help us all.

Here are some healing tools that can dispel the dark and bring in the light. There is an aboriginal saying that; 
"If you do not want to see the shadow turn your face to the sun." 
The best way for us to neutralize evil is by bringing in more light. 
This includes being informed and entertained but not overdoing our exposure to negative media, T.V. shows or movies.  
Nocebo is the power of belief to hurt, harm or even sometimes kill.
Nocebo is a fear based response! The only thing to fear is fear itself and the dark thrives where there is fear. 
Nocebo is a tool of dark forces, tricksters, witches and sorcerers. and we should not let it dispel hope or the slightest belief that they  can hold sway in the long run.

Its opposite - Placebo is love based. 

Invoke the Three L's; LIGHT, LOVE, LAUGHTER.
These repel darkness.

SOUND: SACRED MUSIC OR ANY SOUND WITH A HIGH VIBRATION (e.g. Tibetan gongs or similar, didgeridoos... etc) 

Be diligent about SPIRITUAL PRACTICE to regain wholeness and balance. Embodied practices like yoga, tai chi, chi gong, hiking in nature... may be more powerful for some. Pray, meditate, call on your angels and guides. 

Numbers count. If groups of us are doing this together there is COHERENCE and the non local benefits extend beyond our immediate surroundings. Prayers and healings for peace and wholeness help - the greater the number the more profound - the Maharishi effect!



Enhance the vibration of water using prayer, sacred music or chants while burning incense and placing something sacred in the water (sage, cedar, juniper...) Those of you familiar with Emoto's work on changing the vibration in water with something of the "light,"will be convinced of the power of water to heal and release negativity. While immersing completely, pray and or meditate, breathing in white light, and breathing out thick black smoke into the bath to shift your energy.  Remember 80% of the body is comprised of water. We have "quantum" bodies comprising tiny particles spinning in empty space. We are vibrational beings. Set your intention for light in the bath (this is a ritual bath - no soap etc allowed -cleanse before the bath.) 
From The Ancestors


Saturday, November 21, 2015

This weeks blog gives some caveats about finding the visionary aspect of ourselves that has to do with our destiny

A considerable amount of the work I do with the Ancestors concerns one’s destiny. Often, when doing a bone divination the reading reveals that the client is not following his or her predestined life path, e.g. the person who puts aside her guitar, gifted voice and musical career for the sake of financial security or because she feels invalidated by her elders. The Yogis describe three phases of life; the first when we grow up, and get educated, the second when we make a living and maybe have a family and the third when we go walk about in the forest to find enlightenment. For those of us who are not the guru archetype, it is in the third phase where it becomes critical that we are following our true purpose. For most of us this is difficult – we just are not
 sure of what it might be.


One thing is certain that if our work does not conform to the wisdom below we are probably on the wrong path. I was lucky; I was told by a number of sangomas in South Africa that my ancestors were calling me to do “their” (as in sangoma) work.

Some are just lucky and have a deep sense of knowing what their mission is. Maybe these are older souls who have been on the right path almost from the inception of this particular incarnation. For the rest of us I like the analogy of the Three Bears. Sometimes one has to just try out the various porridges or the beds we choose to lie in to find the right one. We may be comfortable in it for a while and then discover it does not fit anymore and its time to move on to new possibilities. Another metaphor, especially if one is in touch with spirit wisdom in dreams or intuitions, is that of a treasure hunt.

Your destiny is the hunt of your life; keep to the scent, stay on the spoor.  The Ancestors

We need to follow the clues and see where they take us no matter how strange they seem. Sometimes it is the “fool who jumps off the cliff” who finds the treasure. Some clues may even lead us astray but are taking us to the next clue without which we would not have found our way.

The grail when we follow our myth and find our path is happiness and gratitude which always have to do with service to other “beings;” Silent (stones, earth,) growing (plants, trees,) wild and the talking ones.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Today's blog, based on the wisdom of the Ancestors, and many others, has more about contrasting Wisdom with Knowledge or Information

When we look at the Tree of Life we can see that the top Sephira or energy center (somewhat like a chakra in yoga) of Hochmah or Wisdom is on the top right hand side and is next in line to the Crown or Keter the place of "I am that I am." It is here that we come into recognition that we are made in the image of the Creator. We are a microcosmic chip of the Divine. 
On the left is Binah (Understanding) which is about cognitive knowledge and is there to balance the wisdom Sephira but is never an end in itself.

Imagination and fantasy are properties of Wisdom and are also endorsed favorably by Einstein's quote. The Ancestors bemoan the fact that imagination and fantasy are being replaced by the scientific method and technology, even though it is often imagination that leads to science's greatest discoveries.

Although the Ancestors endorse the power of information and knowledge, they also feel they should be used for "becoming" more of our real Selves or higher Selves.

When we spend time with indigenous cultures that are reasonably intact but who lack the education that we have in the West and often are illiterate, we can be astounded by the intuitive wisdom they possess. Sadly for us data and cognitive information often obliterate the intuitive. Going back to nature, if possible, with indigenous help can help us regain something of what we have lost. These shamans and prophets though lacking Western education have wisdom sometimes beyond our understanding even if they do only use these insights for survival - "chopping wood, carrying water," hunting, gathering and healing. 

 When it comes to medicine and science, so called "truth" is continually changing and it is often the imaginative and wise who are changing it. Truth is elusive and is often in that moment in time only.
The reason I like quotations is that they embrace much wisdom with so few words.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

This weeks blog on KNOWLEDGE vs. WISDOM is a sequel to last weeks warning about waisting time trying to explain the unexplainable. Rather we should use what it inspires in us as a form of spiritual practice 

We live in a world overloaded with information. These words from the Ancestors can help give us a reality check

We only have to look at our politicians, the media and others from whom we should hope to glean truth at the highest level, to realize how elusive it has become and how easily it can be manipulated

More important is, what is our own truth, who are we meant to be, in which ways are we being enticed, misled or distracted from our crucial, individual, destiny truth? The Ancestors also stress; 

"Your destiny is the hunt of your life, keep to the scent, stay on the spoor." 

There were two trees in the Garden of Eden; the Tree of Knowledge which got us kicked out, and the Tree of Life, the search for which can help us regain Eden.

The search for the higher Self is at the core of all human motivation whether we are conscious of it or not. Finding out our mission on this planet is a crucial part of this. At the end of the day, it is wisdom that is necessary, rather than an exclusive search for knowledge, information and data.

As Einstein said; "Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts."

Jung is in accord with the Ancestors