Sunday, September 17, 2017


 This week we will look at the central sephira of the Tree O Life  - Tiferet - love, compassion, empathy which are balanced by the tension between the sephirot of Mercy and Judgment.
  The hexagon - the symbol of the heart chakra and also Tiferet helps us understand  love as it relates to healing and transformation as well as the three deadly sins.
The lower three apices point downward toward the lower three chakras and pull us away from healing and transformation towards fear, power, judgment and wants. 
The upper three; being in the moment with a regular, enjoyable spiritual practice and having truth and awareness of ourselves and spiritual truths help us move energy toward the crown chakra and the Divine or Keter on the  T.O.L. where healing is to be found.

Opening the heart to love is essential for us to heal. We never heal completely until we forgive both ourselves and others.

Shame, guilt, remorse, self-recrimination or self-condemnation have no place in the healing dynamic. These can lead to a form of self-hexing or a nocebo affect - the power of belief to hurt, harm, or even kill - all of which are fear based. Patients who believe they do not deserve to be well at a conscious or subconscious level probably will not get competely well. Nocebo from others or from ones self is a fear based response. Placebo is love based.

We must be careful of what we say to ourselves and our subconscious as well as what we say to others. Loving words have a placebo effect 
harmful ones - nocebo.

The Ancestors

Albert Schweitzer said; 
"I do not know what your destiny will be but I do know that the only ones among you who will be truly happy will have sought and found  how to serve."
He also said;
"Wherever you turn you can find someone who needs you. Even if it is a little thing, do something for which there is no pay but the privilege of doing it. Remember you do not live in a world all of your own."

The Ancestors take this further with regard to transformation beyond healing...

Healing invokes Universal Healing Energy which is just Divine love acting mysteriously and magically on the Inner Healer. Everyone can be healed but not necessarily cured. With absolute faith, however, the odds of curing increase since this channels U.H.E. or the Creator's love.

If one studies the spontaneous remissions of incurable disease that occurred in Lourdes, (proven and documented by a medical panel appointed by the Vatican,) one can see a certain commonality. The most important of these were an 
abiding faith that they would be well combined with the will to live. 
Faith which resides at Daat or Grace on the Tree just below Keter also embraces hope, belief, trust surrender.

 Love and support both by the medical team, healers and close ones (human, animal or plant) were also a key factor. If we look at the energy anatomy of the T.O.L. and the Chakra system we can see where these polarities belong and how key the heart and love are to the healing process.




Why are we here, physicians or not?

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Sunday, September 10, 2017


As we said in a previous blog each sephira on the Tree of Life has its light and dark side. We need to integrate both through their three basic horizontal triangles representing contraction of the left and expansion on the right. We balance the different polarities through the center of the Tree which holds the balance.

The top triangle of 
Understanding, Wisdom and Keter the Crown 
has a separate energy center just below it which is 
Daat - which depends on Faith. 
This is not a true sephira but can give one direct access to the Divine. 

Of Understanding and Wisdom the Ancestors say; 
"Information is not to be equated with knowledge, knowledge is not to be equated with understanding, understanding is not to be equated with wisdom and wisdom is not to be equated with virtue."
Faith, belief, trust, hope and surrender at Daat can supersede all these and gain access to Keter and Ayin - Nothingness (? similar to Buddhism's emptiness - beyond Keter.)

The sephira most central to the Tree is Love - the gateway to Keter. This energy center is balanced on either side by 
Mercy and Judgment, 
& key to managing the three deadly sins of karma. 
The Ancestors

Below Love we have the triangle of 
Attachment - Ego - Non Attachment 
to the object of our desire.

Balancing this triangle allows us to open our hearts more easily to allow energy to flow upwards. We have to give the power of Ego its rightful place but nevertheless it should not be allowed to rule. Doing things for their own sake will allow us to open up to the higher sephirot.

The Ancestors make distinctions 
between attachment and detachment 
very clear. 

"Detachment is hopelessness, resignation 
and not non-attachment"

Moreover, we can be attached to 
many tricky energies & not just 
material possessions such as; 
power, sex, pride and fame.

To help us subordinate ego to non attachment 
we also need to understand 
The Ancestors 

Non attachment also has many faces.

If done for its own sake...
If service to others has a personal agenda
 it is still preferable to no service 
but this will carry a negative
karmic implication

It is important that we do not 
become attached to 
& mortified by our failures. 
We should shake these off but 
resolve to do better next time.

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Friday, September 1, 2017


Ancient wisdom has a lot to say about the power of sound which very much has to do with our fifth chakra - the chakra of creative expression - but here focusing on sound.
As we have said before the Ancestors are big on sensory meditation and sound is a huge part of this.
"The way to God is through the senses" 
"From my flesh shall I behold God."
and the Talmud tells us that 
"With sound one can open the gates of heaven."

The Ancestors add that the power of song...
and that

Others have endorsed its power

The Yogis talk about the music of the spheres and the Druids the Oran Mor - the sacred tune of the universe. One can hear this in nature.

Sound heals
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