Friday, December 1, 2017


The hero/ine comes away from the quest of the Threshold with a new vision of who he or she wants to be in the world. This is just a start rather than the end point. There is not just one final Hero's journey but often many. Sometimes the "bed" as in the story of the Three Bears, feels just right for that moment but then begins to get lumpy after a while and the dissatisfied seeker needs to move on to the next quest or look for the next clue in the treasure hunt. The treasure of course is realization of one's destiny or unique archetype. At the end of the day the vision and the dream is about your task or service in one form or another toward one or more of the Four Beings; Still, Growing, Wild or Talking.
The reentry often leads to mixed emotions and even a reentry depression since the heroine has often been in an altered state of consciousness and now has to come back to reality and actualize the vision. 

There is always the menace of a "fall" when the hero fails to incorporate what has been learned during Threshold and it becomes a reproachful memory of, 
"if only I had... and I wonder if...?"
And the hero/ine is being what he aint and not what she is.

Black Elk and Patterson describe the consequences to one's personal power if the vision is not followed - one has to actualize the vision to come into one's purpose.

The advantages of truly following your heart with passion are well worth the perseverance and the coming into one's destiny.

Happy holidays and I wish for you your own Incorporation and much meaning from it for 2018.
Talk again next year.

(Eduardo Calderon, a skilled Peruvian curandero or shaman - now deceased - would salute the four winds in each of the four directions in his rituals.)
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