Sunday, January 19, 2014

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This is my first post so I thought I would start with a slightly modified blurb I drafted for CLL and the upcoming classes for spring. The second of these Messages from the Ancestors Wisdom for the way is on May 10th. These are messages that have been collected and compiled since 2000. We will take selected passages to meditate on and discuss during this interactive two hour session. Music will accompany some of the meditations and allow it to be "sensory" - highly recommended to better access the spirit world. Before the class I will be posting  weekly selected readings for those that are interested.
Anyone interested in more information about my background including videos, books and music CD's can go to Messages from the Ancestors - Wisdom for the Way is available at Chaucers for those that want to delve deeper.

David Cumes

Teaching at Adult Education and now C.L.L. since 1998

Resume: Dave, born in South Africa, is a Stanford trained surgeon practicing in Santa Barbara. In 1987 Dave turned his interest to shamanism especially in South Africa. Dave is the author of five books, including The Spirit of Healing, Africa in My Bones  and Messages from the Ancestors - Wisdom for the Way. Africa in My Bones describes his initiation into South African spirit medicine in 2002. The second talk for May the 10th will comprise selected messages from higher vibrations in the spirit world.
Interesting fact: Dave also practices indigenous African medicine out of his home and is a bridge between ancient wisdom and the West.
What do I enjoy about teaching at C.L.L.: Imparting knowledge relatively unknown to the West with C.L.L.'s sophisticated enthusiast students.
Spring classes:
Wilderness Rapture and Healing
Saturday 4/12/14, 10-1pm

Messages from the Ancestors, Wisdom for the Way
Saturday 5/10/14, 10-12 noon
This two hour meditation on ancient wisdom includes music and discussion, and profound insights coming from higher realms of spiritual existence called the “Causal.” The teachings embrace love, joy and gratitude. Explore for yourself the nature of free will, the power of surrender, destiny and the law of karma, transmigration of the soul and the play of light and dark. This class celebrates the wisdom available from the other side of the “ veil” between worlds, and demonstrates how we can benefit from contact with our own spirit guides or ancestors.

Quote: "Communications from the spirit realm are usually subtle and do not come like a bolt of lightning out of the sky. They come like a whisper on the wind or the nuance of a dream or the appearance of a special animal, and are to remind us that we have special spirit friends and helpers." 
Dave Cumes.

Three things students will learn from these classes:
How nature is a preferred environment for healing and is a room with many doors and windows to spirit allowing for profound healing, personal transformation and "wilderness rapture."
That free will is the cosmic law and that we need to "ask to receive."
How our spirit guided are our "Ap" to a realm of non local information which can help us along our life path.

Three interesting facts:
Happiness comes from gratitude and doing service for others. The more we give and the less we try to "get" the happier we will be.
To achieve is to be agenda oriented but if we wish to have deeper transformational effects we need to let go of any attachment to looking good.
The fundamental notion of equilibrating the opposites to attain balance is omnipresent in all beliefs. This universal truth is crucial to how we keep well and how we heal. Nature is the best place to experience all polarities.


  1. Congratulations Dave. You shall prosper! I was privileged to have produced a documentary film on you at

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  3. Love this blog dad and looking forward to more additions. You are such an inspiration to all of us <3