Saturday, March 1, 2014

The How To’s of Wilderness Rapture or any Nature Experience where we want transpersonal change

"To achieve is to be externally oriented but to attain deeper effects we need to let go of attachment to accomplish anything. Goal orientation and rapture are mutually exclusive in the present moment. We begin with a goal but once the intention is set we need to let go of the possible outcome. This is the crux between balancing the inner and the outer."            Dave Cumes, Inner Passages Outer Journeys

In the next few weeks I will blog about the following factors that are key to an inner experience in nature - starting with - Receptivity and Intent. 
1)  Receptivity and Intent 
2)  Fear and Stress 
3)  Sacred Space and Special Environment 
4)  Connection With Metaphors, Archetypes, and Signs 
5)  Primal, Primeval, and Primitive Experiences 
6)  Humility and Subordination of the Ego 
7)  Peeling Away The Levels of Consciousness Leading to Self Awareness, Peak Experiences, or Moments of Transcendence

Receptivity and Intent 

Each individual’s search in wilderness will determine the outcome. That which we seek will be that which we receive. Action will follow intention and this will decide the result. If the idea of going into nature is to learn backpacking techniques or how to run rapids more than likely a technical experience will be all that is gained. Alternatively, if we are looking to reach a greater spiritual dimension with ourselves in the cosmos, this also will probably occur.

There have been major figures in the history of wilderness preservation in the United States including Thoreau, Muir and Leopold, who expressed themselves through the medium of
wilderness and with its help became self-actualized and possibly even Self realized.  Sages such as Moses, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed, as well as other visionaries through the ages also used wilderness for spiritual growth and enlightenment. 
The differences in receptivity and intent among participants probably accounts for the inconsistency of results found amongst the various wilderness studies in the literature. Our own intentions and expectations are critical for any kind of adventure travel whether inner or outer directed. We should consider these well before embarking on any journey especially one with spiritual purpose.
I recall an instance when a pharmaceutical representative came into my office to talk about a new drug. While waiting she was intrigued by my book Inner Passages Outer Journeys (Wilderness, Healing and the Discovery of Self.) She borrowed the book and when she returned was very excited because she was going on a backpack trip into the Sierras and wanted to implement the principles. When I next saw her and asked how it went she expressed extreme disappointment. She had gone with a group of hikers whose expressed intention was to “make” a certain destination by a certain time and the trip had turned into an endurance trial. She arrived with them at the designated hour but with barely enough energy to collapse into her sleeping bag after a quick meal. The subsequent days were a repeat of the first. 
Anyone looking to wilderness or any destination for its transformational affects needs to be very careful of the group’s  intention and the qualities of its leader as well as other factors that will be described as we go along this blog journey. Like minded intention in the party is essential. Many of us these days are taking exotic trips or treks with the intention of self transformation. These may have a bias on shamanism, ecotourism, sacred sites and a variety of other choices. All the principles in this current blog apply just as well to these.
There is a saying, "If you don't know where you are going any road will take you there."  I would qualify this and add "if you don't know who you are going with you may end up on their journey rather than your own."

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  1. Eugene Havenga. Having worked with you for many years and experiencing the Spiritual on regular occasions, I am delighted to find this awesome enlightenment packaged in an amazing work. I will be a regular in this site. Thank you for all you have done for me in the past, and the impartation of knowledge through all your works.