Sunday, April 27, 2014

Upcoming events

We are coming close to the end of the blog on Wilderness Rapture and Healing. I hope this has helped you get more out of your wilderness or nature experiences. 

My upcoming talk on Messages from the Ancestors, May, Saturday the 10th, Schott Center from 10-12 noon will be taking on a new direction. 

Although spirit guide or ancestor wisdom has been seminal to everything I have done or talked about over the last 13 years I am now shifting gears to sharing and expanding their messages with the help of music driven meditation and discussion. Over the next series of semesters at C.L.L. we will be covering topics such as: Destiny and the technology of the Soul, the power of Non Local Information available to us from our guides, Reincarnation, the Three Deadly Sins of Karma, Love, Words, Intention and Imagination, the importance of the Present Moment, the Hero/ine's journey and the Four Directions, how Neuroscience is coming into alignment with Ancient Wisdom (and making it more powerful for some of us left brained junkies,) the Tree of Knowledge vs. the Tree of Life (and also Health,) even a little about the Dark Side and more.

Many of you who have studied Eastern and other ancient wisdoms will have a sense of de ja vu' with these discussions since they are after all universal truths. Still I believe the most sophisticated among you will gain from their messages which come in a different form to those that have been familiar certainly to me and others who have read them. It  has been channelled from a mix of African indigenous wisdom, Celtic insight and Kabbalistic mysticism, sources not that accessible to most of us. Remember this is not coming from "me" and I am presenting it with great humility. The fact that we will talk about it doesn't mean I have mastered it. 
I would like to hear from you about your interest since this will be more of a coarse than just a number of isolated non-linked presentations. Naturally anyone is very welcome to come at any time. The talks, however, will build on one another. Missing out on some of them will not affect anyone's understanding, only maybe a more subtle integrating of the information. That being said, one should have a deeper appreciation with more rather than less. I will be posting some of their sayings and those of others on the blog and on Facebook but these will be just a taste of the profound wisdom they have given.
Please email me at so I can get a sense of your interest. This is also important for logistics since normally we meet in the Auditorium.
There are two books recently published with some of their insights; Messages from the Ancestors - Wisdom for the Way and Mpofu's Grandmother's Loving Lessons. They are obtainable at Chaucers, Paradise Found, Tecalote and my office (8059646771.) 
I am really looking forward to sharing this with you all.

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