Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ending off the Wilderness Rapture Blog

We are coming close to the end of this particular blog topic so I thought I would send off some pithy quotes that have helped me along the journey "into the wilderness" - inner and outer. I hope you enjoy them.
I will send a few every week before commencing the next section of the blog, so watch this space.

We do not go into the desert to escape people but to learn how to find them: we do not leave them in order to have nothing more to do with them but to find out the way to do them the most good. Thomas Merton

Accept surprises that upset your plans, shatter your dreams, give a completely different turn to your day and who knows, your life. Leave the Father free to weave the pattern of your days. 
Dom Helder Camara

If we are willing to open up to it then it is just the unknown, the unplanned, the unexpected, the unfamiliar which can best teach us. In the tiny prefix un which so often spells trouble, lies the potential for change, for the new, for the hitherto unconsidered, unimagined, unrealized.
  Robert Hinshaw

He who would be what he ought to be must stop being what he is. Meister Eckart 

Nature understands no jesting. She is always true, always serious, always severe. She is always right and the errors and faults are those of man. The man incapable of appreciating her, she despises & only to apt, the pure, the true, does she resign herself and reveal her secrets. Goethe

In order to possess what you do not possess you must go by the way of dispossession. In order to arrive at what you are not you must go through the way in which you are not. T.S. Eliot

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