Saturday, September 6, 2014

This week's blog is on denial of the truth

Denial may lead to a deluded sense of what is appropriate action, resulting in failure. The patient has to be realistic about the undertaking or there will be a mismatch between the energy required for healing and the effort expended for the task. Denial may help us feel better temporarily, but in the long term Truth is a more powerful agent. Denial may be good palliation, but Truth may be more curative. Truth is the antidote to Denial and Ignorance. Denial of the diagnosis is usually bad 
but denial of the prognosis and a recipe of hope can be good.

 Denial may be a manifestation of Fear. For some, Denial can be a powerful coping mechanism For instance someone admitted stat to a coronary care unit with acute chest pain. This may seem a contradiction since Denial would appear to be self-defeating when it comes to health. In the short term, however, Denial may help the patient get over the terror of a medical crisis and fear of imminent death. The patient’s subconscious may know that true knowledge of the predicament may be too much for the Inner Healer to handle at that critical time. Denial may be good in these special circumstances but not when it prevents the person from going to the hospital in the first instance. Resignation may play some part in this, for instance, if one was lonely and tired of life Denial can sometimes be a subtle form of suicide resulting from inattention to the predicament.

There are occasional patients with advanced cancer or other diseases who may completely deny the prognosis and truly believe they will be cured in spite of all statistics. These exceptional patients sometimes remain in remission or are even cured due to the power of faith even though they are in denial of what the medical establishment regards as the truth. Their perception of the truth may in fact be more expansive and  true. There is a gift that comes from absolute belief where grace can more easily enter because of  a true inner belief, faith or knowing of the Divine’s capacity to heal anything.

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