Sunday, May 17, 2015

More on Forgiveness in this weeks blog

Ritual is an excellent way to make reparations to the dead.  If we can perform a meaningful ceremony that can release our ancestors from their burden of guilt and at the same time free us from ours we can move forward less impeded in life. This simple but often difficult principle lies at the heart of the sangoma’s work.  In creating a ritual, the preferences and sensitivities of those who have passed on should be taken into account. For that reason, we should try and learn as much as we can about our ancestors; by using our own memories, asking others about them, and by researching documents, if that is possible. 

With a full appreciation of the blessings and blemishes of our blood root, we will be able to design more effective and friendly rituals on our ancestors’ behalf. All healing eventually comes down to our relationship not only with ourselves but with other living selves and also with the dead. Shamanic or other assistance can be invaluable here to more completely allow contact with unhappy spirits awaiting closure. 

This is especially so in the case of intrusive spirits who are seeking forgiveness during their reconciliation process in the astral. In the case of earth bound spirits (EBS) forgiveness is not usually an issue. Frequently because of a confused or traumatic death the EBS may not cross over and become lost between the worlds. Moreover, they may not even know that they are dead. Hence releasing them is easier because they are "closer at hand" than those in the astral e.g. an elderly person who has died in her or his home and is now unknowingly bothering or even haunting the new owners. Of note now, is that in some states, it is required to let future buyers and prospective owners know if anyone had previously died in the home since in some instances this could influence the purchase.

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