Sunday, May 31, 2015

This weeks blog is a wrap up on intrusive spiritual entities

The dead are not dead, and sometimes the dead do not know they are dead. In such cases we need to look for meaningful rituals to allow those who are dying or have just died to pass on easily into the spirit world. Some earth bound spirits will hover about not knowing where they are and may get in the way of the life flow of the living. This can occur due to not letting go and surrendering to the death process because of over attachment to a loved one or the material, unfinished business or anything that creates a lot of confusion at the time (especially sudden, traumatic death due to any cause.) These lost souls may be stuck between worlds - between this and the other side of the veil between the two realities. They need to be redirected to the astral realm so they and the living can be at peace and also so that the spirit can reconcile with his or her karma.

Sometimes the dead know they are dead but because they are deeply attached to a loved one, will hang around and not let go. There comes a time when the mourning is over and the spirit must be released and told that it is now okay for them to leave.

Intrusive spirits also can haunt the living from the other side of the veil. Most commonly they are seeking forgiveness because of shame, guilt or remorse due to unskillful behavior in life which is now a blight on their karmic record. Forgiveness may release them from accountability. If there are any skeletons in the family closet they should be reconciled before death. After death it is more difficult and one might need help from someone with special expertise. 
Unfinished business is a cause of much pain and suffering for those that have past and for those left behind. For the latter, being haunted, can cause spiritual malaise and "dis"-ease which may eventually result in disease. Correction of this is one of the more important aspects of shamanic work.

 Although dead spirits can aid and abet us dysfunctional ones can also interfere with our physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual energy. 

Possession by the dead can be voluntary or involuntary and evil spirits can possess their hosts without permission. Voluntary possession is probably best called spirit-mediumship. Possession is a loaded term but it is used commonly in South Africa by sangomas. Most sangomas are "possessed" in one form or another by their guiding spirits.
Involuntary possession is rare and is catastrophic. The spirit can take over the body and persona of an individual and wreak havoc. The movie by Oprah "Beloved" speaks to this rare but devastating occurrence. Exorcism is the only way to eliminate the malevolent spirit. Psychotherapy and psychotropic drugs are useless. The Catholic church and others that have expertise have the ability to handle this dangerous work but the prognosis for the possessed one is often not good. Sometimes the unfortunate victim may even be possessed by more than one spirit from the lower spiritual realms. The one possessed often demonstrates superhuman strength as a result of the possession. If not successfully exorcised illness frequently follows as well as a limited life span.  It is possible that certain cases of psychosis, schizophrenia, and multiple personality disorder fit into this category. There are documented instances in which exorcism has cured these afflictions. 

For the sangoma or any shaman, the choice to act as a medium is voluntary.  She allows her helper ancestral spirit/s to possess her and to work through her.  An ancestor who feels the need to complete unfinished business in this way can improve their karma  by doing service from the other side. In return the spirits will favor their host with privileges. It may appear as if spirits take away free will. This is only the case with involuntary possession but not so with spirit mediumship where the ancestor acts as a guide to the channel.  It is regarded as a boon and a privilege to have been chosen to be a sangoma. Every one of us would welcome having a loving mentor who bestows gifts and can see and understand things that normally elude us. 
On the other hand dark witches and sorcerers work with the help of evil spirits but this is also voluntary so that when it comes to reconciling with their karma they cannot say "the devil made me do it."

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