Sunday, June 14, 2015

This weeks blog has more on the Cosmic Field

The cosmic Field is a vibrational energy reservoir through which signals pass back and forth across a veil of illusion. We could divide these unseen messages that traverse the Field simply into Knowable and Unknowable. Light, sound, radio, TV, electromagnetic pulses, and chemicals as subtle as pheromones are some of the Knowable signals that travel through the Field. 
The Unknowable forces include paranormal and healing energies that most scientists feel have not been proven, adequately defined or measured. Nevertheless more and more of these phenomena are being shown to be verifiable. Sangomas are masters of the Field, which they call the ancestral realm. Many of these “unknowable” aspects are well known to them. With the help of drumming, dancing and chants, the sangoma can enter this realm where their spirit guides dwell. This Field is encompassed by the Creator and the ancestors are said to work as intermediaries between us and the Divine. Remote healing comes from energy channeled through the ancestors to the healer and through the healer to the patient. This is sometimes called universal healing energy which is just God's love in disguise.

Westerners may have difficulty in conceding there are  communications from our spirit guides both in the day and at night in dreams. I prefer to think of the information from the Field, in whatever form it occurs, as arising from the “Cosmic Triad” which consists of the Causal realm, the Astral realm and the Higher Self.

The first part of the triad is our higher Self, (true Self, real Self or soul,) and our subconscious or psyche which is also able to glean non local information from the Field. To the extent that one masters Kundalini energy and is able to "open" the sixth chakra or third eye, this is more likely to happen.

The second source are the Astral realms where we go to reconcile with our karma before we reincarnate unless we choose to stay for a while and do service as a spirit guide. This can improve the quality of the next incarnation. Jungian analysts might refer to this source as being the collective unconscious or the archetypal world although some may place this information as coming from the psyche. This knowledge is likely to be very practical; instructions, warnings, nudgings etc

The third source would be attributed to a higher vibration of spirit guides and there would be a matching hierarchy of illumination coming from here. The Causal realm is where enlightened beings reside who may impart teachings on spiritual transformation. These sources could be sages, saints, bodisatvas, gurus and others. These spirits do not have to reincarnate unless they choose to. Most of us do not have access to this type of instruction which is often imparted to us by others. 
However, we all can glean help from our Astral spirit guides.
We should also recognize that there are multiple vibrations depending on our level of spiritual development and hence countless realms. The above is an oversimplification.

The San and the Bantu are still much closer to their original primal selves than we are. In the West, we are victims of our religion, education, culture, and conditioning.  We are unable to fathom how disconnected we are from our primeval humanness. This is both good and bad. Our Western education has brought us many technological marvels, but we have paid a  price for them. Africa on the other hand has aboriginal psycho-spiritual technology that we are only now beginning to appreciate. We need to recognize how much we have forfeited and how much we can learn from native peoples who are still in touch with their original energies and can access these realms with such ease. We invent fancy names for mystical phenomena, such as coherence, physiological arousal, cathartic conversion experience, congruence, medical intuitive, distant mental influence on biological systems.  African healers laugh at us. They have known these principles in more simple terms for eons. In fact theirs is the original medicine. We should call our standard allopathic techniques complementary and alternative. We are going back to what we once knew.
In order to access mystical spaces we have to challenge ourselves and go beyond our fears. We can remain ordinary and keep sailing our boats around and around in the confined harbor of our discontent. Or we can make a leap of faith and sail out of the harbor into the ocean of the spirit world which is also represented often as the ocean. We can become our own unique wave co-mingling in the  vast ocean of the Divine mystery. It may not be easy and it may at times not even be enjoyable. When we return to the jetty we feel different, we are not the same, we are no longer alone, we belong.

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