Saturday, September 5, 2015

Initiation of the blog this Fall

I have just gotten back from South Africa where some of you know I go to arrange my dream songs with a musician. I will continue to share these songs in my talks as part of the active sensory driven imagination interspersed during lectures. The next two, coming up in October and November are on  
Primal Wisdom - what have we forgotten.

 I thought would start off the Fall blog by sharing a You Tube clip I had made in South Africa. Much thanks to Johny Taute and his team in Pretoria and of course to Eugene Havenga without whom this music from the spirit world could never materialize in this form.

Here is the You Tube link

If you go to the webs site you can also view it. The video is six minutes and has two songs on it with visuals to fit

VIEW: Spirit Healing Songs

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