Sunday, December 27, 2015

This week's blog is on the third of the Karmal Sins

Our evil inclination or shadow is central to the three impediments below
 When we point fingers there are usually at least three fingers pointing back at ourselves (one for each spiritual impediment.) When we judge another we often project our own shadow onto the one we are judging. This is why mindfulness practice and forgiveness are so critical to the spiritual path.

Judgment has huge karmic implications because we usually harm more than just our own karma and our connection with the Spirit that moves in all things. Judgment often comes from envy,  jealousy or covetousness and one of the Ten Commandments is not to covet our neighbor or anything that belongs to our neighbor. We have to judge in order to covet and want something that we do not have. If we judge someone but do not share that judgment we only harm ourselves although we may also be bad vibing or casting an evil eye on that person. Covetousness is also the source of witchcraft and sorcery.

Discernment has a softer energy than judgment and Kabbalah talks about the "sweetening of our judgments" which is a good idea.

Judgment also leads to gossip and Kabbalah states that we harm three  people or more when we gossip; ourselves, the one we are talking to and the one or ones we are talking about. Chofetz Chaim has 9 principles for avoiding this and the main ones are stated below.

Innuendo and body language do not go unnoticed or unfelt. One of the most important signs predicting a failing relationship is negative body language.

Truth is often ego clinging to its own image and ...
If we have a problem with judging, it often helps to examine our shadow and characterize some of the faults we have in ourselves and then make a trade - forgive ourselves for our particular one and release that person from his or hers. Forgiveness of Self is key to managing our shadow.

The symbol of the hexagon is within the heart chakra as well as Tiferet on the Tree of Life (also representing love and compassion.)
The remedies for the Three Karmal sins are AWARENESS, TRUTH and SPIRITUAL PRACTICE (being in the present moment)  all embraced by love, compassion, empathy and mercy. More on Judgment next week

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