Sunday, January 10, 2016


If one looks at the Tree of Life, the central Sephira of Tiferet embraces Love and Beauty and is flanked on either side by Mercy which expands and Judgment which contracts. All three form a triad with a bias in favor of love, compassion and empathy and what Kabbalah calls the "Sweetening of the Judgments." The right and central parts of the Tree demonstrates the five loves indicated here by red hearts. 
These are balanced by five judgments on the left side including Ego and Kingdom in the center. 
Love is central to the Tree and it is said that when the Kabbalist reaches Tiferet she can teach herself. Attachment to desire in Hod is balanced by non attachment in Netzach - two mysterious Sephirot that have other complex qualities. So we can see the three karmal sins are well represented  on the Tree and balanced by our free will which WILL determine our karma.

The Tree of Life is also a Tree of Health since ...
Love also accounts for placebo, the doctor/healer-patient relationship and the doctor's bedside manner which are now dwindling in the face of current technological advances. So called evidence based medicine seeks to eliminate placebo and often invokes nocebo (its opposite) with prognoses, informed "legal" consent etc. When one looks at research on folks who have had spontaneous remission of diseases incurable by Western medicine one sees that love is a huge component whether from the doctor/healer team, a partner, a community or a pet. Love is also the main ingredient in spiritual transformation.

Those of us who have spent time in Sub-Saharan Africa are always stuck by a deep sense of connection which harkens back to when we all roamed the African plains as hunter-gatherers. Humanity arose there and we all have Bushmen D.N.A. in our genes. A part of this feeling may also have to do with what is called "Ubuntu" in Southern Africa. I believe this is also a reason why Africans have the amazing capacity to forgive - another of love's indicators.


  1. Dave, I get that you are suggesting that we move out of judgment into a space of love. In my experience that is easier said than done because of our natural tendency to operate from our survival brain and to avoid being hurt in some way. When that happens, love flies out of the window. So the question for me is how to move out of the survival brain into a more evolved way of being in the world, and so to trust in that space of love. It is only when we feel safe that we are able to suspend the judgment, and it is only when we feel the love, that we are able to feel safe and to move out of fear. A catch twenty-two situation, no? So the question for me is how to step into the space of love in ourselves, so that it can be bigger and more powerful than the little voice of fear that tends to rule so many of us.

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