Sunday, July 3, 2016

THE STILL BEINGS, (earth, rocks, mountains,) THE GROWING BEINGS (plants, trees,) THE WILD BEINGS (& THE TALKING BEINGS)

A consequence of this connection can be a sense of equanimity, inner peace and harmony or "Wilderness or Nature Rapture. To connect we to have an inner intention rather than being externally or goal oriented (photography, working out, high tech outings such as climbing, kayaking etc.)

The principles of being "Inward Bound" and having deep rapturous experience in nature are simple; 
Do it for its own sake as spiritual practice & not to perform or look good on Facebook or elsewhere 
Find nature or wilderness where you are most comfortable. Physical challenges can often lead to more self mastery and self esteem but possibly at the expensive of a spiritual deficiency.
Go alone if possible or walk alone in silence.
Don't get hung up on hard skills & fascinations - high tech gear, cameras etc.
Take the bare minimum & have as little separating you from nature as possible but still be warm, dry, well hydrated and fed as well as not lost.

Remember that...

Its still possible to communicate if we slow to their vibration; slowest in the case of the still beings and from there on up to higher vibrations with the other beings.

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