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In the beginning was the Word and the universe was created in a vacuum of empty space formed by the Creator by the Tzimtzum - a cosmic contraction and possibly a referral to the Big Bang. If the Infinite One had not withdrawn His/Her presence to allow for the possibility of creation nothing could have existed. Therefore He/She had to be present but only present enough for something else also to exist and not be obliterated.
This cosmology develops from the opening lines of Genesis; "And the earth was without form (Tohu) and empty (Bohu) and darkness was of the face of the deep (Tohum.)"

Then ...

... All of which were animated by the "colored" winds or breath (Ruach) of the Creator (Prana in Yoga or Moya in Zulu.) 
(In all humility I am sharing these quotations from the ancestors and trying as best as I can to delve into their mystical meaning with the help from various writings and teachings. However, much still remains obscure to me.) 
There are six sephirot on the Tree of Life that represent Ruach. As they increase in vibration up the Tree from Yesod (Foundation,) to Hod, to Netzach to Tiferet (the Heart of the Tree) and then to Gevurah (Judgment) and Chesed (Mercy) possibly the colors change with each higher vibration as I have done above in white and shades of grey.

80% of our bodies are composed of water. Emoto's work on its molecular structure and how it can change depending on the surrounding "vibration," good or bad is profound. Prayers to water or beautiful music cause the formation of spectacular crystalline forms when water is frozen and visualized with a dark ground microscope. On the other hand rap music or negative intentions cause ugly crystalline structures. Swimming in a pristine mountain stream will have a completely different affect on body, mind and spirit compared to bathing in water coming out of a faucet using soap and shampoos. The vibration of this water can be changed with prayer, sacred music or plants etc. and by doing the mechanical cleansing prior to and separate from the sacred bath.

Emoto's photos of dark ground microscopy after freezing water that had been subjected to different energies - light or dark.

Cleansing by bathing in water was customary in ancient Israel and  has been replaced by the Mikveh, used today by religious Jews. Some biblical regulations require full immersion in water that must be flowing, for spiritual cleansing. Serious impurities or energetic pollution require "living" water eg. a flowing river or spring. 
Lourdes and other places where "Spirit" (Wind, Ruach) reside and the water is sacred have resulted in documented spontaneous remissions of diseases (Vatican Medical Commission) that have defied the best that Western or any medicine has been able to offer.
In sangoma tradition bathing with sacred plants is essential for restitution, release and healing.
According to the New Testament (Matthew) John's baptism was directed from God for cleansing and the remission of sin. 

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