Sunday, February 5, 2017


The Ancestor's saying below warn us concerning dark forces;
"The single most powerful tool they have is in persuading us that they do not exist."
The dark forces were appointed by the Creator to challenge us and test our metal and Bodhisattvas look on adversity as tests of their spiritual practice. 
Tricksters know our weaknesses - our shadow and narrow or monkey mind vulnerabilities - and can play on them. 
"...The attack is often so well disguised it can even persuade us that it is our better judgment, our concern for the other.
We must be aware of anger and pride which are weapons of chaos connecting us to our destructive instincts..."

"Think of something that makes your heart sure and glad that can bring you back to equanimity. The dark forces are helpless in the face of love and laughter..."

The Ancestors

 If we lose patience, become angry or lose our sense of humor we empower them. 
"This too will pass."  

"If you do not want to see the shadow turn your face to the sun."
Aboriginal Saying.
There is also no dark force that cannot be overcome by the powerful forces of light working on behalf of the Infinite One.
The Three L's are the remedies for the Dark Forces, Light, Love and Laughter. Love encompasses gratitude and joy.

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