Sunday, October 29, 2017


We are all here to heal the planet and each other with our unique Divine given destiny.

We also need to distinguish the difference between destiny and fate.
Destiny is that unique gift we were granted to give. 
Karma is about accountability and how we behave with what we get from our fate and give to and take from others (with or without our destiny.) Karmically we are also accountable for carrying out our destiny.
Even if we find our destiny we also need to practice it according to the laws of spirit.
To be truly "congruent" we need to march to the sound of our own drum no matter what others may say or think. This is not easy.
Sometimes this means letting go of who we are and leaving our comfort zone. We cannot necessarily find our way if we keep doing the same thing or being with the same people. One of the side effects of finding it may be losing old friends who do not understand who we are anymore. 
The Ancestors say;
"And as for your power, what are you doing in the wrong circle!?"
We may have to leave more than just old friends and family behind. We can love them but still let go and move on.
Ultimately this involves going on a hero/ine's journey and encountering one's fears.
"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." 
Joseph Campbell

Once we incorporate or integrate the journey we find equanimity and meaning...

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