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This first in a series of new blogs for 2018 is on Karma and Free Will. Before talking about the rules of Cause and Effect we need to address Free Will since choice is key to how we manage Karma. The current blog will supplement the upcoming talk in Santa Barbara on the subject (February the 10th.) The subject is huge so the intention here is to fill some gaps with the help of ancestral wisdom not only for those coming to the talk but to those who can't.

We have to recognize that when we deal with Free Will and Karma there are factors from within and from without that will influence our choices.
The shadow or evil inclination within each of us will have a lot to say about making us choose unwisely. The shadow is supported by our Monkey or Narrow Mind and the various shades of ego that can come in many guises in the form of self-cherishing, desirous attachment (being attached to the object of our desire,) and judgment which make us feel better about ourselves at others' expense. Tricksters and dark forces and even witchcraft from without can also affect choice to our detriment. 
Luckily our inclination to do good, Spacious mind, spiritual practice and our spirit guides balance these negative contracting forces.
I spite of this we need more than ever to realize that we have little control but that karma eventually will reconcile all worthy grievances.

The Ancestors

The Ancestors

The Ancestors also warn that...

Choice is precious and without the tension between good and evil there would be no possibility for spiritual perfection, The Ancestors teach that we are all heading for this "becoming" but that for some (young souls) it may take many more lifetimes than for others (older souls.)
The Ancestors 


Its also important to realize that there are global karmic affects that sometimes affect those that least deserve it. This is particularly relevant for those of us living in Santa Barbara county where recently Nature's manifestations have had biblical like consequences. The elements of earth, water, fire and wind have shown us the power of Gaia who is pissed off with our behavior towards her. Hence we all share not only an individual karma but also a global responsibility to do all that we can to bring in more light to counteract the dark around us.

The Ancestors 

Looking forward to 2018 as a year of personal and global transformation which is seminal and more time sensitive than ever with the challenges we face on our small planet.
One of the key things we will be karmically accountable for is to what extent did we help correct injustices toward the Still, Growing, Wild and Talking beings.

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