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 Many believe that because there is nothing after death one may as well do as one pleases. The cyber world and social media have made it possible now to insinuate evil into the web without legal consequence and we do not have the laws to prevent it. Clever lawyers and lack of legal clarity have literally enable powerful people to get away with murder.
Free will governing karma in spiritual understanding is to have freedom to do whatever we want without harming or hurting anybody or anything or our own Higher Self. We are here to enjoy life responsibly.
For this reason Buddhists stress that the meditation on death is one of the most important that we can do. Our intention and choices governed by free will will determine our destiny. 

If we understand that the laws of spirit in the cosmic field are quite different to the laws we have in a sentient body on this earth we come to realize that selfish hedonistic thinking is untenable and can affirm the teaching of Krishnamurti that 
"Discernment is choiceness." 
and appreciate the teaching that 
"those that will be first will be last."
Buddhists believe that they are the true hedonists because their tenets are about true happiness. Positive psychology and neuroscience are now proving this to be true.

There are countless vibrations in the afterlife and we inherit the vibration we deserve spiritually - not materially. When we pass over the probability is that most of us will go to the vibration in the Astral realm that we have earned. 

In the Astral we undergo a reconciliation with our Karma under the guidance of a spiritual tribunal and then reincarnate back into the life we deserve. We are born to parents and into a situation that will best help us learn the lessons that we need to learn in the everturning wheel of life that is Samsara. We are all heading for spiritual perfection but this may take many lifetimes. 
Once we are in the Astral we lose free will and our Karma is set in stone. We can no longer act independently to correct prior misdeeds. We can, however, act through helping a living loved one through their free will 
and to some extent complete what we never accomplished in our prior life. 
The Ancestors

The few enlightened, perfected souls will go to the Causal vibration that they deserve. The Buddhists call this the Pure Land, the Kabbalists the Garden of Eden and the Yogis say this is bliss or Moksha (liberation.) All bodisatvas pray and practice so when they  reincarnate and then can practice Buddhism at a higher level. 

The Ancestors

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