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The ego has many guises including ...
Persona is also the little self of ego and is how we want to present ourselves to the world. Many pay more attention to this appearance rather than working towards the Higher or Big Self. 
Jesus stressed that 
those who lose themselves (as in little self,) would find themSelves (as in Higher Self.)
For many knowledge or technical expertise can be a way of presenting their persona in a more subtle way but still leading to a certain level of arrogance. This is when one is literally "hung up" on their achievements and the certificates on their wall. 

Many get their kudos through power including using it for sexual conquests and manipulation.

The Yogis say that any action that has an agenda or an ego motive behind it will buy us another lifetime. The Ancestors add that ulterior motives are greatly underrated and that its better to do a good action with this motivation rather than to not do it at all. Whether this has Karmic merit though, I doubt. They do, however, stress that we need to do things for their own sake.

Jesus taught that it was better to teach a person to fish than give him a fish. Better still karmically is if that person does not even  know who gave the gift of learning to fish. Maimonides had eight levels of charity. The highest was the latter, the lowest to give unwillingly, the second highest an anonymous funding. Those in-between had mostly to do with giving so that the recipient would feel no shame in receiving. All these ways of giving have differing degrees of karmic merit or no merit. Giving a donation to get a tax break or have one's name in the news has no karmic merit. If the donation is promised for the same reason and then not given this is a negative.

The Ancestors add
The good news for many of us is that ...
Apart from attending to others our karma will also be determined by how much we attend only to ourselves as well as how highly we regard ourselves and our level of hubris. The Buddhists call this self-cherishing. 
It really isn't all about me.
The Ancestors 
and they further teach ...
Others may be attached to "stuff" which is also a result of being subject to indoctrination by those who market the "stuff."

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