Sunday, June 15, 2014

In this weeks blog we will explore some crucial healing variables

 A. The Triad of Healing
Allopathic medicine; 
Placebo and Nocebo
 Distant Healing or Hexing 
(If distant/remote viewing is real so too is distant diagnosis. Western medicine objects to the idea of Shamanism but is now slowly beginning to accept the term "medical intuitive."

Central to any healing is the Inner Healer of the patient without which no healing could occur. The mysterious ability of the body to heal itself is often taken for granted and without it all healers would be lost.

At the top of the triangle is allopathic medicine, the West's holy grail of healing. The scientific method  (evidence based medicine) is reliant on double blind studies. These are done to exclude the possibility of placebo and calculate the influence the medicine or procedure alone has on the outcome of a condition. This method is not as reliable as we would like to believe since placebo can vary significantly. 

Some Dr's because of their loving bed-side manner will engender a more powerful placebo response. Shamans uses placebo to good effect rather than trying to discount it. This occurs because of their qualities of charisma, calm, competence, confidence as well as their ability to glean vital non local information magically from the "Field." Although the placebo response is usually around 30%, some healers are able to increase this exponentially. In cases of spontaneous remission of diseases that have resisted the best efforts modern medicine has to offer for an incurable condition, the single most important factor resulting in the miracle of spontaneous remission was a firm belief that all was going to be well
Total belief can cure almost anything. 
Less well known is nocebo which is the power of belief to hurt, harm or even kill a patient. Few physicians would acknowledge that this occurs in medicine since nocebo is usually the domain of witches or those with evil inclinations. Nevertheless it can occur in the medical profession because of our litigious society. Sometimes if a prognosis is not given or full informed consent for a procedure not delivered the physician may be subject to a law suite. For some patients, attempting to educate and self-diagnose on complex diseases through the internet can create a nocebo response.

The third part of the triad is distant healing and distant diagnosis (its equivalent, remote viewing, has been studied extensively at Stanford University and even by the C.I.A. in the past.) 
There are numerous double blind studies attesting to the power of distant healing. A comparable selection of patients with a disease is divided into two groups. The one group gets standard therapy and the other, standard therapy as well as distant healing from a group of experienced healers. The patients do not know they are receiving this healing and the healers do not know the patients so there is no possibility for a placebo effect. The results with the"healing" group is usually so significantly better that if it could have easily been delivered in pill form one would have felt negligent for not dispensing it. 
Apart from enhancing placebo Shamans rely on the power of distant healing and diagnosis which is facilitated by their spirit guides through the non local Field. This healing that is channeled can be called Divine Healing Energy which is just love in disguise.

It is important to recognize from the figure below that placebo and nocebo work through the power of belief on the Inner Healer to heal or to harm.
On the other hand distant healing or hexing bypass the belief system of the patient to affect the Inner Healer directly. Healing or harming  will occur whether one believes in it or not or knows about it or not.
Placebo and distant healing are generated by love, nocebo and hexing by fear.

B. The Four Crucial Variables in Healing; Patient, Healer, Place and Field
As can be seen in the diagram below healing will depend on the relationships between  healer, patient, "Field" and the place where healing occurs.

To the extent that the healer and patient can access the Field and obtain "non local" information, the healing will be greater. 
If the patient is returning to a dysfunctional home environment or a toxic work place and does not have access to alternative methods of healing, healthy food or nature the healing will suffer. 
The doctor's office and the hospital are also key areas that need to be addressed for healing and preventing harming.

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