Saturday, June 21, 2014

This weeks blog has more on the non local Field and how it can enable distant diagnosis and healing

All healing involves four factors: the healer, the patient, the place where healing occurs, and the presence of a universal "Field" which embraces both healer and patient. The best medicine occurs when patient, healer, and place communicate through the "Field," which itself is not localized in space and time. Healer and patient are both within an infinite cosmic Field of potential supported by the spirit world and governed by the Divine Spirit. By achieving balance and guiding their inner energies or life forces, both healer and patient are able to penetrate deeper into, and harness some of the immense healing capacity of the Field. African, Indigenous healers might call the hidden potential in the Field, the ancestors. They have been practicing non-local medicine for eons.
         I invite you to go on an imaginary journey into the interior of the Kalahari desert. You are a visitor to a group of San Bushmen and have come to observe their ancient healing techniques. One night you are sitting around the fire and the women gathered around start to clap and chant. The men wrap rattles around their legs and begin to dance. You and the breathtaking Kalahari sky are the only other witnesses to an amazing dance that is about to unfold. After a short time one of the dancers staggers, shakes and falls. You look into his eyes and all you can see is a vacant stare. The shaman’s soul has left the body and is soaring into the world of ancestors and spirits to plead for the life of a child who is dying. When the healer’s spirit is ready to return from this “little-death,” the women help the re-entry by massaging the body of the healer with warm sand. The shaman now circles the group with an uncanny ability to “see” the sickness amongst the clan. He lays on hands and rubs sweat into the bodies of those who are ailing. He spends a much longer time with the child who is lying motionlessly under a cover of skins. The dance dwindles and stops shortly before sunrise. Later the following afternoon the child sits up and for the first time in days asks for food. You are still trying to figure out how this shaman could have had his foot in the fire without being burned.

Out of Body Spirit Flight

 The Bushman’s healing abilities are peerless because of their hunter-gatherer lifestyle that embraces all the polarities of nature. Although the healers may not be able to read or write their ability to balance the opposites encountered in the wild Kalahari gives them unrivaled control of healing energy. Their ability to heal cannot be separated from their sense of place, the Kalahari, and the diverse polarities they contend with to survive from day to day. They are constantly juggling the opposites that nature provides; hunger and fullness, the scorching heat and the cold of the desert night, terror and tranquility, light and dark and so on. In fact the notion of the sun and moon energies in Yoga is implicit in their lifestyle. Buddha also emphasized the importance of the middle way and this understanding occurred after prolonged contemplation and meditation in nature. 
Nature is a preferred environment not only for spiritual practice but also for healing.
Sangomas from the Bantu tribes of Southern Africa through "possession states" (trance-channeling,) dreams and divination also access the Field for non local diagnosis and healing. No matter what technique is used by the healer there is a certain universal truth that pertains. This is the core belief of balancing the opposites to achieve spiritual equilibrium.

 This ability to move the spirit that heals has probably existed as long as humans have walked the planet and we need to familiarize ourselves with its mechanism. The Hindu Kundalini and the anatomy and bioenergetic behavior of chakras and their energy channels lie at the core of healing. All Southern African tribes believe in a primal snake that rest in the belly that is feminine and the source of spiritual power. They use drumming, chanting and dancing to access this Umbilini (Zulu) or Num (Kung Bushmen.) Balancing these forces empowers the shaman and the inner healer of the patient as well. If we look at ancient texts we can see that thousands of years ago the Yogis described an energy body unknown to modern medicine. This psycho-spiritual model seems universal even though the details may vary.
In Yoga the balance of the masculine, sun and feminine, moon energies energizes the feminine, Shakti, Kundalini energy that resides at the base of the spine, coiled like a serpent, waiting to move. The sun and moon channels spiral around the central axis of the spine all the way up to the crown chakra of the head where the masculine Shiva principle resides. During our usual state of awareness energy oscillates up and down the sun and moon channels leading to our normal state of awareness. With intense spiritual practice energy can be mobilized from the sun and moon channels into the central channel stimulating and impelling the Kundalini Shakti to move upwards. Depending on the level to which it moves up the chakra hierarchy, a greater or lesser intensity of spiritual experience is appreciated.
Any meaningful spiritual practice can be the gateway to accessing the non local power of the Field, spirit guides and Divine Healing Energy which are key to

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