Saturday, July 26, 2014

Before closing off on the theme we have been following for the last several weeks, just a mention of what's to come. Future blogs with be mostly focusing on two basic feelings, Love and Fear and how their different manifestations can affect our healing and curing positively or negatively. We will talk about these in terms of a Tree of Health with expanding forces on the one side and contracting ones on the other. 
(These same principles also apply to the process of Self Realization or Enlightenment bearing in mind that this is always dynamic and a process of "Becoming" more and more of who we are. Nothing is static, we are always striving to move upwards on the spiritual ladder.)

Faith is a very strong thing and if a man has faith and a simplicity that does not rationalize, he will be found worthy of reaching the rung of Grace which is even higher than that of holy wisdom. Chassidic saying

Medicine not localized in space and time sounds a lofty concept but prayer is basic to the human condition whether you are praying for yourself or for someone else. If you are praying for yourself or someone is praying for you and you know it, this invokes the placebo response that hinges on faith and hope – powerful medicine. If someone is healing or praying for you without your knowledge this non-local healing that bypasses the placebo response can be just as powerful. We should avail ourselves of  both medicines, placebo and non local effects that work directly or indirectly on the Inner Healer. We need a trustful empathetic doctor to maximize placebo and a masterful healer or “shaman” to potentiate both placebo and the non-local magic of the Field.

         We should remember the negative power of nocebo and avoid those who practice it. If we or our loved ones have a critical illness it may be necessary to eliminate all vexations to one’s equanimity; at work, among friends and acquaintances and even at home. A toxic relationship at work or with one’s spouse or a child needs to be healed or put aside before the power of the Inner Healer can be maximized. We should bear in mind that negative influences in the doctor's office or hospital environment or anywhere can have similar adverse consequences.

         If we are sick we need to tap into our own "shamanic" potential or Higher Self (of which the Inner Healer is part) and be more receptive to the state of our inner being by having a strong, regular, enjoyable spiritual practice. This will give us balance and equanimity and move our life force up the spine into the higher energy centers. Going inward will also sharpen our intuition and help us make critical decisions since hard data may be limited. Our dreams may then come to warn us of ineffectual therapeutic interventions. One does not have to be a trained shaman to gain access to either one’s own centeredness or the Field. Remember always that the scientific method, evidenced based medicine, double blind studies and medical guidelines, though worthy, are fallible ! ...

Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts. A. Einstein

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