Saturday, August 2, 2014

This week's blog begins the series on a Tree of Health. 
Just as the Tree of Life consists of energy centers called "Sephirot" with contracting and expanding limbs so too is the Tree of Health based on the universal concept of polarity balance. 
Every week we will talk about some of the factors below.
(For those interested there is also an upcoming talk based on "Messengers from the Ancestors" at the Center for Lifelong Learning, Santa Barbara City College coming up in September, contrasting the Tree of Knowledge with the Tree of Life and expanding on this subject.)

These figures are seminal to the discussions that follow so always refer back to them when needed. 

Balance is achieved by harmonizing polarities.
Dualities come into harmony by negotiating a third or middle path, a path not of assimilation but a path of coexistence.
The Ancestors. 

(The Buddha also talked about finding the middle way.)

The Tree of Life

The left side of the Tree contracts or restrains, the right expands. Self Realization requires that we conquer the serpent coiled around the center of the Tree which represents ego and acquisitiveness. This is what metaphorically kicked us out of the Garden of Eden (The serpent wrapped around the Tree of Knowledge.) Once the seeker reaches the "heart" sephira of the Tree shown here as a hexagon, she or he can teach her/himself and rise up to the crown sephira of the T.O.L. to attain "I am that I am," or the Oneness experience where we come into direct realization that we are made in the image of the Divine. In this way though the T.O.L. we can regain "Eden." 
Similarly through a Tree of Health we can find Healing and Curing. We cannot always be cured but we can always be healed.

The Central limb of the Tree as shown schematically below holds the balance through Will, Intention, Attention, Action and Affirmation. "Words" are key to this as are Faith (sometimes mediated through Grace,) passion, courage, work and joy. A strong inner practice which enhances the life force and the Inner Healer is essential!

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