Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Cosmic Triad and the Field

“Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts.” Einstein 

It is time science realized that there are serious limitations to data and the scientific method. We need to acknowledge that just as Western technology has brought us much magic there are other forms of magic that we have not yet come to appreciate.

Westerners may have difficulty in understanding how shamans or psychics derive their power. We struggle with assigning communications from the Field to our ancestors or the spirit world. I prefer to think of the information from the Field, in whatever form it occurs, as arising from a “Cosmic Triad” which consists of: The Causal Realms (and sometimes God,)  the Higher Self, and the Astral Realms (and its spirit world.)

The Causal is the place of enlightened beings; the bodisatvas, saints, mystic, spiritual masters, guardian angels etc. Due to their high vibration they usually also provide a higher level of information. 

The Higher (True or Real) Self which can include the subconscious or the Psyche is that part of us made in the image of the Divine and hence can access the mystical realms or Field directly - the more enlightened the person the deeper the access. 
Our higher Self or soul has Divine capabilities. We all have Christ consciousness, Buddha nature or  are made in the image of God and hence must also have supernormal abilities within us. 
Our Inner Healer is linked to this source of energy.
The Astral Realms comprise beings that are not yet perfected and have to reincarnate again and again until they attain a Causal vibration.  Frequently these are our ancestors but Southern African tribes also confirm the presence of foreign or non blood root spirits. Frequently these foreign spirits were ancestors in a past life and are also their to help and guide because they love us. Love is the catalyst that allows them to cross the veil between worlds. Hence it is not surprising that some may have exotic ancestors e.g. Tibetan, African, etc. They provide a more practical level of information to guide us.
These realms may also include non human spirits which in South Africa and other traditions are believed to include Celestial, Terrestrial and Water Spirits. The Astral realm is also the domain of tricksters and dark spirits.
 (Jungian analysts might link Causal and Astral entities to the collective unconscious or the archetypal world.)
In the case of the Causal, Divine grace is extremely rare and can come directly from God, for instance in the cases of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Moses, the prophets etc, depending on our spiritual orientation.  Kabbalah says of God, “No one shall see my face and live.” A selected few may experience Divine energy in a form dilute enough not to be annihilated. This encounter will be epic and monumental - Moses and the burning bush is a testament to this experience.  Nevertheless many may experience the “word” of the Divine as a soft whisper - only heard in silence.

 Southern African shamans or sangomas hold that the ancestors are the messengers of God. All Bantu peoples believe in the existence of a Great Spirit (Umkulunkulu – Zulu, Modimo – Sotho.) However, God usually is thought to be too remote to be in direct communication with us. Sangomas can be in contact with terrestrial, water and cosmic spirits. Other mystical traditions believe in a more 
personal relationship with God.
 We all have the potential to co-create with the Great Spirit.
The notion of a “Cosmic Triad” may help us account for the source of our intuitive abilities in a way that is comfortable to our belief system.

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