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"Out there beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a Field, I will meet you there." Rumi

Simplistically the phenomena of the Field are either Knowable or Unknowable. 
Most of it is Unknowable!

Even Einstein admitted: "Our knowledge is the knowledge of children. We will know a little more than we know now but the real nature of things, we will never know, never," 

 The Field is non-local, and within it is the universal mind or universal consciousness. Carl Jung called this the collective unconscious. From a Jungian point of view the shaman (and others who can navigate the Field) have the ability to access an archetypal world or what shamans would call the spirit world.  It is here one can encounter Jung's concept of synchronicity and other paranormal phenomena.  
Synchronicity occurs when an outer incident coincides with an inner mental or psychic event. For instance you have not heard from someone in 25 years and now you are thinking about her. Almost immediately the phone rings with that person on the phone. This is not a coincidence, rather one is picking up the "vibes" of the person from just their consciousness or intention to connect with you. 

While a healer can heal someone far away, a witch or sorcerer can create disease and even death from a distance with a hex. Light or dark magic has been known for millennia, but is only now being validated by science. Although this sounds implausible to the Western mind, in many non-Western countries traditional healers deal with witchcraft every day. 
(A witch is a loaded term. It should be noted that not all witches work on the dark side. Those who work with Wicca may work for the light.)
These malevolent effects can be local or non local.  Non-local influences work through the field without the knowledge of those who are affected. Local effects work directly with the knowledge of the victim through the nocebo effect (opposite of placebo.)  The key to nocebo and placebo is the belief system of the patient, the lack or presence of hope, belief, trust, and faith.  We are all aware of the doctor/healer-patient relationship and how important it is for healing.  Just as some physicians create a feeling of calm, confidence, and reassurance in their patients, others can do the opposite. Some doctors will engender the healing power of placebo, others, sometimes, the noxiousness of nocebo. An oncologist who tells his patient that he has three weeks to live may unconsciously be applying the nocebo effect which in some can be tantamount to a medical hex.  Sometimes negative information is delivered to a patient on account of our litigious environment and the lack of trust. Shamans are masters of the placebo effect; witches and sorcerers work with nocebo. Distant healing or the polar opposite, the hex, work through the Field bypassing the belief system of the recipient since the patient is unaware of the intention, good or bad. The Field (like the Internet) and like our Inner Healer, is not impervious to bad morals or evil motivation. Guilt is a powerful facilitator of nocebo and distant hexing. Some of us who have delved into indigenous spirituality in South Africa know of at least one example of a perfectly healthy individual who has gone home to die because they know they have been hexed, and they have. Furthermore, if they have done something wrong and believe they deserve to be punished, the witchcraft is greatly magnified. The combination of nocebo, distant malevolence and guilt can sometimes even be a death sentence.  Moreover, guilt, shame, remorse, self condemnation have no place in the healing paradigm. Guilt and shame have also been shown to increase pro inflammatory factors which can lead to an increased incidence of atheroschlerosis (vascular disease,) certain autoimmune diseases and even some cancers.
Whereas placebo is almost a bad word to the Western physician who is always trying to discount it with double blind studies, it goes to the core of any kind of healing which is the relationship between the healer, the therapy, and the Inner Healer of the patient. Shamans are proficient at enhancing placebo with their charisma and powerful rituals. Much of the shaman’s “magic” may reside in her skill at heightening placebo which on its own has the potential to cure and or heal. The rest of the healing comes through the spirit world who are able to facilitate distant healing.

Nearly all the patients studied by the Lourdes Vatican commission who experienced spontaneous remission of incurable diseases possessed a passionate religious or spiritual faith. Prayer, like ritual, is associated with faith, belief, trust, hope, a meditative state, inner peace, feeling loved, enhancement of the life force, switching off the left brain, transcendence, imagery and invoking God or the "Field." These qualities are also all hallmarks of shamanic healing.
Consciousness is unconfined to space and time which may be the reason why prayer and healing from a distance can favorably affect a recipient. Prayer and distant healing have been shown to have beneficial effects on the sick. When patients know they are being prayed for, improvements in health might be explained as being due to the placebo response. However, when they are unaware that prayers are being delivered, we can assume the placebo effect is not involved. The effect of a shaman’s ritual may work through placebo but it also may work through distant influence through consciousness and thought itself that cannot be confined to space and time. The patient becomes linked to the healer and the Field through ritual that is the container for passing along distant healing.  Healers are capable of facilitating (or aggravating) the patient's Inner Healer, using not only words and body language (placebo) but also wishes, and thoughts (distant healing). The affirmations, positive desires, and prayers of a shaman usually accompany the ritual or plant medicine dispensed. 
This does not discount that the plant medicine itself may also have  pharmacological effects.
The healer is able to tap into universal healing energy that essentially is love. The more humble the channel and the bigger the heart, the greater the effect. He acts as a conduit to transfer that loving energy to the patient. Distant healing or laying on of hands may propel energy of a certain frequency from the Field through the healer to affect the patient’s body energy field and the D.N.A. of the cells themselves.

Olga Worrell was a healer and not a quantum physicist but certainly sounds like one.
“The body is not what it seems to be with the naked eye. It is not a solid mass. It is actually a system of little particles or points of energy separated from each other by space and held in place through an electrically balanced field. When these particles are not in their proper place then disease manifests in that body. Spiritual healing is one way of bringing the particles back into a harmonious relationship.”

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