Saturday, August 9, 2014

This weeks blog continues on some basic concepts of a Tree of Health

All spiritual beliefs rely on the notion of balancing polarities; moon/sun/, ying/yang, right/left brain, dark/light, what restrains and what expands. The Tree of Life is also based on this principle. The left side of the Tree restrains or contracts, the right expands, (just as the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems slow and raise the heart rate respectively.) The contracting left sided principle of the Tree is  represented here as blue in color, the right as red. 
These colors will be maintained where practical in the text to emphasize the shift in energy. 
The Center which mediates will be designated pink.
A Tree of Health is a model for healing which is concordant with the balancing principles of the Tree of Life. By staying in the center of the Tree of Health, patients and their physicians or healers can attain equanimity, healing and self-restoration. 
Congruence which also has to do with the polarity of Truth is a useful term that implies being true to oneself, marching to the beat of one’s own drum, not bending or compromising to the will of others, sacrificing Self or becoming a martyr. 
One does not have to be sick to avail oneself of the Tree of Health. We all need to look to the idea of congruence, being our Self, and recognizing our God given Divine gift that we came to this planet to nurture. If we do not find congruence with Self and who we truly are we might get soul sick and this can lead to illness.

“Everyone has in him something Divine, something his own, a chance of perfection & strength, however small, a sphere which God offers him to take or refuse. The task is to find, develop & use it.”
Sri Aurobindo

The polarities of the Tree of Health that will be developed are:
Left: Restrains, Contracts and Inhibits through Denial, Ignorance, Hopelessness, Resignation, Fear, Guilt, Cynicism, Lack of Choice and Inaction and wanting to please.
Right: Expands, Facilitates, Strengthens through Knowledge, Truth, Hope, Trust, Belief, Faith, Surrender, Receptivity, Love, Courage, Joy/Gratitude, Choice, Right Action and Congruence.
Center: Balance and Equilibrium result in inner peace and harmony and support the Inner Healer. Through the Center the patient’s Life Force communicates with the Field. Inner practices facilitate this contact and enhance the Life Force - Prana, Qi, Ruach (Hebrew,) Moya (Zulu.) Willing to be healed creates intention, which with Balance, leads to healing. Grace may enter at any time and its ultimate expression is spontaneous healing. When we find our center or we center ourselves, we are balanced at the core of a Tree of Health.
Grace has more to do with Faith, Hope, Belief and Trust. This is in fact a deep “inner knowing”  a different kind of knowledge or rather a deep inner belief in the Divine or some spiritual faith. With Grace, Faith can be the gateway to spontaneous remission of disease that will be addressed in a later blog.
Central to the Tree is Love. Its opposite is Fear. 
Without the strong will  to be alive a human can be carried into the valleys of death by even the mildest sickness…” Credo Mutwa

Each patient’s connection with his or her Inner Healer through the Field is unique. Therefore different aspects of the Tree of Health may work for some but not for others. This depends on sex, genetics, culture, religion, education and conditioning. For the next few weeks we will chat about some of these polarities and how they can lead to healing (and curing) as well as Self-Realization or the "Becoming" of who we truly should be.      

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