Sunday, November 23, 2014

This is the last of the blogs on The Spirit of Healing. I will be leaving for South Africa soon until January 1st so except for maybe some pithy quotes now and then the blog will restart next year. The new topic will be on "how sangoma (Zulu for a medicine man or woman) healing works."

The one part of healing that has not been emphasized is what can happen if one is not cured but is healed. There is a quote that applies well to this conundrum...
"Anyone who isn't confused here really does'nt understand what is going on." Anonymous

It is hard to predict accurately who will do well and stay in remission even with the disease 
who will succumb with the equanimity that comes from being fully healed. Naturally those that  have been healed would still like to live out a normal life span in spite of all the transformative gifts acquired through that profound process.

If one looks at disease in general it is quite possible to live in harmony with a potentially lethal disease that lies dormant. Good examples of this are tuberculosis and malaria. 
Many folks who come from third world countries will test positive for TB exposure but will never manifest the disease itself unless some adversarial event takes place which upsets the body's balance and the immune system debilitating the Inner Healer; e.g. poor nutrition, a superimposed infection, severe stress etc. If this happens the patient could even die rapidly of a fulminating "miliary" infection. The same can be true for malaria which can in remission for extended periods of time if all is well in body, mind and spirit.
Hence there is a need to keep in exquisite balance to remain in remission from any possible lethal illness whether it is cancer, AIDS or anything else. There are many people on the planet today in remission from AIDS and the one common denominator, even before effective treatment was devised, seems to relate to those expansive and positive factors on a Tree of Health summarized below in the figure. (A few have even tested HIV negative which is not thought to be possible.)
(Their opposites cause contraction and inhibition of the Life Force and can be seen on the left side of the Tree.)

Inner Wisdom which invokes more of a spiritual or shamanic attention is just as important as Cognitive Understanding which is part and parcel of the allopathic paradigm.
Both are vital.
Truth of the diagnosis is seminal since the Inner Healer, part of soul technology, needs to know the truth to function optimally.
Hope and Belief are crucial and even more so Faith (in the center.) Faith is more powerful and implies an overwhelming belief and sense of knowing that one will be well. This is where Grace can move in and inspire the Inner Healer to God like potential.
Trust invokes the quality of Surrender which is not a giving up but a giving in to a Higher Force that operates especially well with Faith, Hope, Belief.
Love and empathy activate the immune system as does compassion.
Forgiveness which is love based enhances the immune system.
(Guilt and Shame the opposites of Forgiveness, increase pro-inflammatory factors which are precursors to many diseases.) 
Laughter which increases endorphins and boosts the immune system is the best medicine especially in the form of a good belly laugh.
Choice which depends on Free Will  is key for Intention, Will, Yearning, Desire, Attention and Action. These, along with a Spiritual Practice enhance the Life Force and balance the healing in the Center of the Tree.

It is all very simple really but at the same time extremely difficult to live by. But this is what is required for not only Spontaneous Remission but also for prolonged remission where the disease is put on hold often until such time as a normal life span has ended. 
(These principles are also key to spiritual Transcendence and Transformation for those on the journey to Self Realization.)

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