Saturday, November 8, 2014

This weeks blog is on Spontaneous Remission of Disease

Spontaneous Remission (S.R.) is a little like seeing water running uphill - its a miracle - it should not happen! A disease that has defied the best that Western medicine has to offer suddenly completely disappears.
These seem to be the qualities seen in those patient's that facilitate the event. They also fit nicely into the positive polarities on the right side of a Tree of Life/Health and also in the center (see older blogs for more information.)

Will to live, fighting spirit, taking control, having unfulfilled goals
Truth - accepting & working with the diagnosis
Knowledge - intuitive & intellectual, prior rite of passage
Trust that the challenge can be beaten (Belief, Hope, Faith, Surrender) 
Surrender - Faith or spiritual belief
Fearless, avoiding stress, saying no, expressing needs
Love & support, involving others
Choice - perceiving the physician as a partner
Action - new meaning, transformation, life changes

The most seminal of these appears to be faith, surrender and a profound inner, underlying belief that all will be well. 

It is well known that those who have a community or a support group do better, as do those with a partner at home or even a pet.

Love is the most universal, formidable and mysterious of all the cosmic forces. de Chardin

Those who have already successfully undergone a rite of passage also are more likely to have S.R. (If one has climbed Everest once it will be easier the second time.)

Re taking appropriate action; most patients say that they would not have chosen to have the disease but having had no choice they are extremely grateful for the benefits and life transforming effects resulting from the encounter. They have chosen to prevail in one way or another.

There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems (challenges) because you need their gifts  Richard Bach

And even if they succumb to the disease they often do so with a remarkable equanimity knowing that although they were not cured, they were healed.
What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the butterfly calls the beginning.  Zen saying

Physicians tend to ignore these remarkable events and label them "anecdotal" rather than researching the attitudes of those in whom it happens.
There have been numerous cases documented at Lourdes in France. Many have been reviewed by a medical panel appointed by the Vatican, their data scrutinized and proved to be real. These facts above have been gleaned from data on these patients.

These patients also manifested the following attributes (they can be remembered by the mnemonic the FAR-C's) 

Flexible, adaptable, resilient
 • Challenge, commitment, control, connection, comedy, congruence, cantankerous, creative, crisis/cathartic conversion experience, feelings of "heat" in the body  
Frequently these are difficult patients for the medical profession to deal with. They are congruent with themselves and are not trying to win a popularity contest. Rather they desire just to be well in spite of all circumstances and speak their minds.
Humor is known to increase endorphins and enhance the immune system.

The opposite was true for the following deficiencies (seen on the left side of the Tree)

Hopeless, helpless, head down
 Anxious, apathetic
 Depressed, dejected, denial
(many known to depress the immune system)

Also fascinating are the frequent experiences encountered listed below which sometimes resembles Kundalini energy moving in the body  
(this has been called a crisis/cathartic conversion experience by those unfamiliar with esoteric energy anatomy)
Peak (oneness) experiences, transcendence
 Being transported beyond oneself
 Feeling of intense love, empathy or compassion
 •Out of body experiences & shamanic states
 Connecting with spirit guides or ancestors
 Heat sensations, burning fire in the chest, vibrational or electricity or lightning like energy moving in the body

"The body is not what it seems …It is not a solid mass but a system of little particles or points of energy separated from each other by space & held in place by an electrically balanced  field. When these particles are not in their proper place then disease manifests in the body. Spiritual healing is one way of bringing the particles back into harmonious relationship." Olgar Worrall
We have "quantum bodies" that can behave in a quantum manner not yet understood by medical science which is unfamiliar with this "new" yet very old system of knowledge. Medicine needs to bring itself up to date.

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