Sunday, November 2, 2014

This week's blog is on Healing Outcomes

There are basically five healing options:
Remission, Relapse, Fulminating Progression and Death, Spontaneous Remission and Being Healed but not Cured

The true story below demonstrates a cycle of remission followed by relapse of a deadly lymphoma or at least one known to be deadly in the years when this was reported

patient was admitted to the hospital about to die from advanced lymphoma. He had enlarged lymph nodes all over his body and his pleural cavities were filled with fluid (bilateral pleural effusions) necessitating oxygen treatment. A new drug called Krebiozen had just been released and his doctor offered this to his patient. The patient, Mr W., was very well informed about his disease and was aware of the early very favorable results of this treatment and excited about his prospects. He was treated for the lymphoma and his lymphadenopathy and pleural effusions seemed to melt away. Soon the patient was ambulating and appeared to be in complete remission. He flew home in his own plane at altitude not requiring any oxygen. For two months he remained well  but then articles appeared that the treatment was now believed to be ineffective. Mr. Wright was very scientific and followed all the data about his disease. Being rigid in his beliefs he became depressed and was readmitted in relapse much the same as he had been before. His doctor was amazed at the astonishing behavior of the cancer and decided to reintroduce the possibility of Krebiozen. He told Mr. W that indeed Krebiozen was just as good as they had thought but some of the shipments had deteriorated and had been ineffective. He reassured him that he now had a more potent form of the same which he wanted to administer. Mr. W was encouraged by the good news and convinced of the benefit because of the dramatic effects of the first administration. However, he did not know that his Dr.'s intention was to give a placebo and not Krebiozen. The placebo had the identical response as the prior treatment and again Mr. W left the hospital in complete remission. He remained well until a few months later when the A.M.A published a final report that the Krebiozen was in fact useless. Mr. W read the report and died shortly after. 

In previous blogs we talked about the power of medical hexing which was certainly not the case with Mr. W's doctor who did his best to enhance the placebo effect and with this power effect a cure or at least a prolonged remission. Mr. W hexed himself with data which fitted his belief system and overcame his Inner Healer that was doing quite well before the "words" of evidence based medicine  that became his death sentence. The Internet today is also very successful in self-hexing many patients and the words or prognosis of an oncologist can be a powerful nocebo or an encouraging placebo depending how much Hope is added to the sentences.

"Hope is about believing in spite of the evidence and then watching the evidence change." The Ancestors

Mr. W could have possibly had a spontaneous remission if he had just been more ignorant, trusting and surrendering rather than analyzing. Given the facts it is also unlikely that being so attached to cure and probably fearful of death he was neither healed nor cured. His course was one of remission, relapse and finally fulminating progression and death.
In next weeks blog we will discuss the miracle of spontaneous remission of diseases where medical science has failed to make any impression on a dire prognosis.

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