Sunday, September 20, 2015

This weeks blog contains more nature and wilderness wisdoms to help us on our respective journeys

Sages and saints have used nature for self realization and enlightenment for eons even sometimes going out for the classical biblical 40 days. It would be difficult for most of us to do this on our own for very long. However, if we were to go out for even a short time, with the right intention, not necessarily alone, but giving ourselves enough time, transformational changes can occur. We do not have to be as extreme as the Native American vision quest where the seeker goes out for extended periods fasting to find their vision for themselves and their people. This process has successfully been adapted in the West, usually as a four day quest (by School for Lost Borders and others.) There are many ways to encounter nature in an inner directed way whether its a meditative retreat, a cabin on a lake or even tending a garden. The most important thing is that we bring back the "grail" or our aha experience  to our communities. As the Zen Buddhists say; "before enlightenment chop wood carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood carry water" (for others that is.)

By tapping into the metaphors and lessons that nature provides we can find our common humanity as well as our connection with all beings; the still beings (earth, stones, mountains,) growing beings (plants and trees) wild beings and talking beings. As the ancestors have said; "we are all one though not the same." To connect to them we have to slow to their vibration and then we will find the message they are trying to impart to us in that moment in time.

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