Sunday, September 27, 2015

This weeks blogs is about connecting with nature and the four directions to find one's  own destiny, mission or archetype

Our destiny quest can be done with the help of the Four Directions and using metaphors found in the wild. Although Native Americans have used the directions and vision fasting in the wilderness for eons most of us do not need to be as severe as going out for several days and nights alone without food or water to get some of these benefits. If we look back on our individual histories we can recognize challenges we have encountered that fit with the archetype of the hero/ine; loss of a job or loved one, divorce or overcoming a severe debility or illness. Many years ago Van Gennep describes the three phases of initiation done in indigenous cultures; Separation, Threshold and Incorporation. These are implicit in the Hero/ine's journey. Take the example of someone dealing with cancer. 
If there is an inner intention to realize the benefit of this challenge and to heal, one has to Separate from one's usual life and maybe even some friends and family. As in the Hero/ine's journey an object of power is given which may be the forces invoked to cure or heal. Remember we can always be healed even if we cannot be cured. 
The sufferer then goes into the dark night Threshold of the soul or metaphoric cave or forest to encounter the cancer dragon which is overcome spiritually, emotionally and physically. 
One then brings the entire experience "home," inside oneself to actualize it, possibly with the help of a loving or supportive witness, friend, elder or councilor. The seeker then brings back the "grail," or aha of this powerful experience to help others dealing with similar problems. This is also part of the journey of the "Wounded Healer"
If we look at our lives in this way we may see that we have all been through at least a few potential hero'ine's journeys that can honored in a way that can empower us. This can be either purely a warrior's journey which honors only the first two phases or the more profound hero/ine's transformation where one Incorporates and brings back the grail to help and heal any of the four beings - the silent beings (rocks, mountains, earth,) the growing beings (plants, trees,) the wild beings or the talking beings. (The warrior brings back the benefits for himself, his family or his enterprise, the hero/ine for others not for herself.)
Remember that the visionary or elder will soon be leaving the planet, hopefully to be reborn again in a higher vibration where he or she can inherit a more advanced spiritual practice.

Nature is a good place to meditate on these polarities and the directions while looking at our child, adolescent and adult phases to see how these help or hinder the fourth direction or the visionary part of our lives. Animals, plants, rocks or stones may present themselves and help by imparting psychological or spiritual messages. 

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