Saturday, October 31, 2015

This weeks blog  is on EXPLAINING THE MYSTERY ? or rather not trying to and just being in awe of it

Recently someone sent me this very erudite link below from Deepak Chopra which I thought I would share with you but at the same time tell you the ancestors' approach to this conundrum. In this way you can dwell in the polarity of the two and see where it takes you. Both are commendable. However, I prefer the ancestors' advice.
Here is the link if you choose to spend some time and brain matter over its content.

Einstein said; "our knowledge is the knowledge of children, we will know a little more than we know now but the true nature of things we will never know, never!"

or in other words - the deeper we go the less we know

We tend to get arrogant and hear scientists saying things like they have now discovered the God particle or the God molecule (D.M.T. which can lead to ecstatic states.) We are just feeling the tip of a huge iceberg that we cannot see or measure and may have  dimensions as grand as the universe itself

Maybe we should spend more time being in the moment with the mystery and enjoying our own, and the "Field's" non local spiritual dimensions. Sometimes if we leave the mathematics and physics to the experts we can more easily discover who we are in relation to the cosmos. The scientists meanwhile will hopefully use their genius for the benefits of all the beings; still, growing, wild and talking

I have found the same principles true when going into wilderness or pristine nature spots. Africa is a prime example and is so rich that one can spend a lifetime assimilating bush knowledge and barely scratch the surface. I spent many of my early years in Southern Africa trying to learn; birds, their unique calls, the plethora of snakes and raptors, animal tracks, the technical aspects of camping or backpacking in remote wild places etc etc... Later I discovered that just being in the mystery of God's masterpiece was more enlightening than delving into all its cognitive aspects which I could never master anyway. Out of this understanding came a different approach - perhaps a yoga of the wild which often led to "Wilderness Rapture" and which I found to be more gratifying. 

From Kabbalah

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