Saturday, October 24, 2015

This weeks blog is about getting into the "Field" in nature or in any other way

All Southern African Bantu peoples believe in a feminine primal snake that resides in the lower belly, very much like the Yoga principle of the feminine, Shakti, Kundalini. This is potential energy coiled like a serpent at the base of the spine waiting to be "awakened." The Bushmen call it Num and the Zulus Umbilini. Especially, when one engages in spiritual practice, this energy can move up the spine energizing the seven chakras, creating balance. If it reaches Shiva the male principle at the crown chakra one experiences unity consciousness or oneness, or if only for a brief period of time, a Peak experience (Maslow) or Wilderness Rapture. This encounter, often ecstatic, of being in the "Field" can also result in other phenomena including magical powers.

Immersing in nature with an inward intention is a powerful facilitator of this energy but there are many ways to move the serpent. Meditation can be active as in active imagination with focus or the more common passive Eastern meditative practices now so prevalent in the West. Body meditative techniques are just as or even more effective for some and include dancing, singing and drumming, the method favored by Southern African indigenous people. The Chassidim agree, saying; "with song one can open the gates of heaven."
There are many ways to facilitate getting into the non local "Field" (i.e. that not localized in time and space)
Once in the "Field" we are also more able to make contact with our spirit guides in and out of dreams.

Eastern religions see the Kundalini as the key to enlightenment or self-realization. However, there are many manifestations of this energy depending on the culture and the need. In indigenous societies who are more involved in day to day survival and their basic needs, its about "chopping wood and carrying water" more effectively. In other words Maslow's basic survival needs. This would include the use of magical powers for hunting, healing and happiness or balance. For those on a spiritual path, the Kundalini is more about enhancing Maslow's growth needs or moving energy into the higher chakras above the diaphragm. The Zen saying; "before enlightenment, chop wood carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood carry water" is then taking the wisdom a step further, towards working on behalf of other after attaining a desired spiritual state. The movement of Kundalini energy has also been associated with spontaneous remission of so called incurable diseases. Other effects include;

Some prefer the word becoming to self realization. The latter implies a fixed point of attainment when there is no fixed point to self realization. Rather the "realization" keeps on evolving and we are usually in the process of becoming more. 
Some may think this is all rather esoteric but there are more subtle manifestation of Kundalini which we have probably all experienced. We probably have all had synchronous events when we tap briefly into the "Field" and a certain magic occurs. Coherence can be experienced in group meditation which is often more powerful than meditating alone. Meditations for peace have been studied by the Maharishi university in reference to the beneficial effect of meditation "splashing" onto others unengaged in spiritual practice and remote from the meditators. Getting into the zone is favored by athletes and is also called superfluidity where everything mysteriously flows of its own accord resulting in a flawless performance. One can see Olympic gymnasts doing yoga or pranayama (breath yoga) or engaging in guided imagery of their routines before their performance. Imagery has been shown to be almost as effective as practicing it physically. 
Remote viewing has been studied and proven at Stanford university and by the C.I.A. An extension of this, remote or distant diagnosis and distant healing have been around for eons amongst shamans, psychics, healers and others. Distant healing has now been proven effective in medicine by numerous double blind studies.
Dean Radin at Noetic Sciences has proven beyond doubt, as have others, that what he calls the Big Five are real; i.e. telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, remote viewing and telekinesis. Many of us have had precognitive dreams.

At the end of the day this energy, in whatever form its described in different cultures, can help us to find and stay in line with our destiny or unique purpose on the planet. It does so by moving our life force, prana, moya (Zulu,) ruach (Hebrew,) or chi.

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