Sunday, November 15, 2015

Today's blog, based on the wisdom of the Ancestors, and many others, has more about contrasting Wisdom with Knowledge or Information

When we look at the Tree of Life we can see that the top Sephira or energy center (somewhat like a chakra in yoga) of Hochmah or Wisdom is on the top right hand side and is next in line to the Crown or Keter the place of "I am that I am." It is here that we come into recognition that we are made in the image of the Creator. We are a microcosmic chip of the Divine. 
On the left is Binah (Understanding) which is about cognitive knowledge and is there to balance the wisdom Sephira but is never an end in itself.

Imagination and fantasy are properties of Wisdom and are also endorsed favorably by Einstein's quote. The Ancestors bemoan the fact that imagination and fantasy are being replaced by the scientific method and technology, even though it is often imagination that leads to science's greatest discoveries.

Although the Ancestors endorse the power of information and knowledge, they also feel they should be used for "becoming" more of our real Selves or higher Selves.

When we spend time with indigenous cultures that are reasonably intact but who lack the education that we have in the West and often are illiterate, we can be astounded by the intuitive wisdom they possess. Sadly for us data and cognitive information often obliterate the intuitive. Going back to nature, if possible, with indigenous help can help us regain something of what we have lost. These shamans and prophets though lacking Western education have wisdom sometimes beyond our understanding even if they do only use these insights for survival - "chopping wood, carrying water," hunting, gathering and healing. 

 When it comes to medicine and science, so called "truth" is continually changing and it is often the imaginative and wise who are changing it. Truth is elusive and is often in that moment in time only.
The reason I like quotations is that they embrace much wisdom with so few words.

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