Saturday, November 21, 2015

This weeks blog gives some caveats about finding the visionary aspect of ourselves that has to do with our destiny

A considerable amount of the work I do with the Ancestors concerns one’s destiny. Often, when doing a bone divination the reading reveals that the client is not following his or her predestined life path, e.g. the person who puts aside her guitar, gifted voice and musical career for the sake of financial security or because she feels invalidated by her elders. The Yogis describe three phases of life; the first when we grow up, and get educated, the second when we make a living and maybe have a family and the third when we go walk about in the forest to find enlightenment. For those of us who are not the guru archetype, it is in the third phase where it becomes critical that we are following our true purpose. For most of us this is difficult – we just are not
 sure of what it might be.


One thing is certain that if our work does not conform to the wisdom below we are probably on the wrong path. I was lucky; I was told by a number of sangomas in South Africa that my ancestors were calling me to do “their” (as in sangoma) work.

Some are just lucky and have a deep sense of knowing what their mission is. Maybe these are older souls who have been on the right path almost from the inception of this particular incarnation. For the rest of us I like the analogy of the Three Bears. Sometimes one has to just try out the various porridges or the beds we choose to lie in to find the right one. We may be comfortable in it for a while and then discover it does not fit anymore and its time to move on to new possibilities. Another metaphor, especially if one is in touch with spirit wisdom in dreams or intuitions, is that of a treasure hunt.

Your destiny is the hunt of your life; keep to the scent, stay on the spoor.  The Ancestors

We need to follow the clues and see where they take us no matter how strange they seem. Sometimes it is the “fool who jumps off the cliff” who finds the treasure. Some clues may even lead us astray but are taking us to the next clue without which we would not have found our way.

The grail when we follow our myth and find our path is happiness and gratitude which always have to do with service to other “beings;” Silent (stones, earth,) growing (plants, trees,) wild and the talking ones.

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