Sunday, December 13, 2015

This weeks blog begins a series on the first of the three deadly sins of Karma. 

Ego, acquisitiveness (desirous attachment) and judgment get in the way of the Higher Self 
(Desirous Attachment and Judgment will be in the subsequent blogs.)

The search for the Higher Self is at the core of all human motivation even though in many it may be subconscious. Ego or small self must be subordinated to the real Self. To quote Jesus...
Ego comes in many different forms - even desirous attachment and judgment can be said to be part of ego. They are reinforced by and reinforce our shadow or evil inclination.
Kabbalah describes Narrow mind which reflects the primitive mind or Monkey Mind, combined with ego. They are essential for survival but a deterrent to spiritual growth. Spacious mind on the other hand reflects Patanjali's description of the Intellectual Sheath - also called Big Mind.

This anonymous quote follows with the boon of being empty of ego - if you like the Dalai Lama archetype.

On an Inward Bound trip to the Kalahari Bushmen, after experiencing Bushmen humility combined with their superlative hunter-gatherer and spiritual skills, an accomplished spiritual seeker (and general in the U.S. armed forces) said to me;
 "The key to having power is not having power!" 

The Upanishads agree...

Jung felt that complete obliteration of the ego may be very difficult, impossible and maybe even antithetical to the Western mind set. The Bushmen probably are accomplishing this during their Trance Dance when they travel up to the spirit world to glean non local information. It is a highly advanced spiritual process that is also a manifestation of their profound humility.

Kabir warns us that ego is like a chameleon that changes its colors when it is stressed, to disguise its true nature. The higher we get up the spiritual hierarchy, the more elusive ego becomes.We fool ourselves that we are beyond it when we are not.

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