Sunday, December 6, 2015

This weeks blog on the Evil Inclination introduces a series on the three deadly sins of Karma; Ego, Desirous Attachment and Judgment. These quotes from various sages are for us to ponder and meditate on.  Desirous Attachment and Judgment though separated from, can also be considered part of the Ego complex. 
This complex is linked to our shadow side or what Kabbalah calls the Evil Inclination. All are associated strongly with Monkey Mind or the Primitive mind as distinct from the Intellectual or "Big" Mind. Kabbalah refers to these two "Minds" as Narrow Mind and Spacious Mind. We can control Narrow Mind and shift to  Spacious Mind with spiritual practice. We cannot "think it" for this to happen - intellectual pursuits though helpful in our understandings - do not go deep enough.
We will begin with the hunt for the Self in relation to the Shadow or Evil Inclination and follow with the three deadly sins in the next blogs.
The hunt for the true Self, the real Self is seminal to our karmic journey through our many lifetimes.

Redemption can be as easy as just changing one's mind.

The above quote by Credo Mutwa, a powerful sangoma, is coming from an indigenous perspective which often represents original truth. 
There is a Native American story of a grandfather who is explaining to his grandson that within each of us are two wolves fighting for domination. The one represents good and the other evil. The grandson ask his grandpa; "Which one wins?" He answers "the one you feed."

It is only through reconciling with our shadow that we come into full recognition of our own unique "light."

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