Sunday, February 14, 2016

more on bhakti yoga

Nature is another way to practice devotional or Bhakti yoga, best on our own and in silence. 

The Ancestors

Nature is the Creator's masterpiece where walking alone can saturate our senses with "soft fascination"; sunsets, smells/aromas, scenes and sounds or Nature's mantra and Her rhythms, and daily, monthly and yearly cycles. Walking in pristine wild areas meditates us and leads to entrainment much like an infant is entrained to the heart beat of his or her mother. The Ancestors tell us to...

It is possible to hear the soft, silent, still voice of God in nature if one tunes in with the right receptivity, intention and vibration. No doubt this was the experience of David, the shepherd, psalmist and musician as well. 

The Ancestors

 Like the Bushmen of the Kalahari the Zohar tell us that the stars are singing and astronomers have recently begun to record the sounds that emanate from them.

 It was for good reason that the worlds greatest sages - Moses, Jesus, Buddha and others - found enlightenment in wild places. It seems that 40 day and 40 nights are required, somewhat of a challenging time for most of us to spend alone.

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