Sunday, February 21, 2016


Raja yoga is also called the royal road and is the science of physical and mental control whose chief practice is meditation. It is also embraced by the complete system of eight limbed or Ashtanga yoga. The practice of Raja yoga can lead to Samadhi or a superconscious state of oneness with Self and God.
Jnana Yoga is the path of knowledge and wisdom where the yogi uses the mind to inquire into its own nature e.g. Buddha's final enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.

Just as each one of us must find the spiritual and transformational path uniquely suited to ourselves so also, will each of us have a bias to one or other form of yoga; (and archetype in which to manifest our destiny.) However, at the end of the day the path is one of love. 

The Ancestors can help guide us with these principles. We can manifest this love through any, many or all of the main archetypes; the Healer, the Teacher, the Warrior, the Visionary or the Hero/ine who is often also a visionary.

We need to remember that...

...which needs to manifest for its own sake and for no ulterior motive.

God does not micromanage or play favorites. Karma is built as a default into the soul so we can attain spiritual perfection with the skillful use of free will.

The Creator wants a personal and co-creative relationship with each of us and wants us to fully actualize our God given talent or gift...

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