Sunday, September 18, 2016

This is the 2nd blog on Primal Wisdom and what we may have forgotten or put aside

Last weeks blog talked about placebo and nocebo as well as the spirit world who can intervene on our behalf. But we must ask to receive and continue to affirm because of the cosmic law of free will. 
Apart from placebo, which is a love response, and its opposite nocebo which is generated by fear, there is also the distant NON LOCAL effect of healing or hexing - either love or fear induced (see figure below.) These effects operate whether we know about them or not, believe in them or not.  
There are now numerous double blind studies showing that distant or remote healing works even if the patient does not know about it (no placebo involved.) There are also studies done by the C.I.A. and Stanford university proving that remote viewing is real. This can be extended to distant or remote diagnosis by shamans, psychics and now what are politely being called, "medical intuitive." If distant effects that are positive occur then the same must be true if they are negative.
There is a common misconception that a hex only works if you believe in it. Hexes work more powerfully if you believe in their power but they work all the same, often in more subtle ways such as; anxiety, depression, bad luck, trouble with relationships, being accident prone, bad dreams or waking up feeling you have been "invaded." 
Guilt will aggravate the power of a hex. In indigenous societies if one has seriously wronged somebody else and are hexed a curse can even be fatal. 
Einstein said of the Field; 
"Our knowledge is the knowledge of children. We will know a little more than we know now but the real nature of things we will never know, never!" 
Most is unknowable but there are secrets and passwords for entering this realm of intuitive information. Spiritual practice and the nurturing of our vital inner, feminine spiritual energy or Kundalini is the passport to Field entry. 
All Southern African indigenous tribes believe in a primal force that is feminine that resides in the lower belly and is key to spiritual power and fertility. This force is best activated by drumming and dancing. It becomes manifest in the Domba or python dance of female initiation among the Venda people in the far north of South Africa. The python in many tribes also is a good omen from the ancestors which comes in dreams or awake time to empower. 
The mamba on the other hand can mean something odious, like a hex, is afoot.
Remember that the Field like the internet is value neutral and must be for free will to operate. Hence like and dark both exist in the Field. 
Rumi affirmed this; "Out there beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a Field. I will meet you there..."

We have to be careful of our words especially if we are in positions of power like physicians or shamans. A negative prognosis can be a medical form of hexing. An individual is not a statistic and no-one knows the power of his or her Inner Healer, the extent of their spiritual practice or belief system, their contact with God or their spirit guides. Hence the Ancestors say the power or prayer, belief, faith, trust hope is more definitive than the words of doom or gloom or a prognosis. We should avoid those who, even if unconsciously, hex us with their speech.

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