Saturday, September 24, 2016

This is the last blog on Primal Wisdom and what we have lost

We have spirit guides and ancestors on the other side of the veil between worlds that respond to petition. The best way to ask is with the following mantra.

Intention with courage and passion will invoke a response but because the other side is "timeless" we should not expect an immediate result. 

Attention implies attention to the details of the petition otherwise; "be careful for what you wish for...!"
Because of free will we cannot be vague about our requests.

We must take Action, we cannot just think about it once or twice for it to materialize and action is best taken in the form of a ritual.

A ritual is a "Container," - in a way a password - for a wish and will carry the intention more easily into the spirit world. Its useful to have a sacred container in the form of an altar to do the ritual. The ritual itself can be very simple such as lighting a candle or incense or making an offering. The altar can be as elaborate as we care to make it. Bigger solicitations may require more intense rituals. Rituals also have a more powerful affect on our subconscious which also has a lot to do with how things will actualize. 
Your guides may then say; "Wow, she really means it!"

The Ancestors advise

 The veil is semipermeable and some have readier access to the other side than others in terms of acquiring non local information but not necessarily in having their requests realized. Spiritual practice, opening the heart, and releasing pride are all factors that come into play. Non attachment to the result is important since attachment to outcome may have a "stickiness to it that will be counterproductive. So in simple terms one should: 

Get into the Field with some form of meditative technique
Be detailed about what one wants
Make it for the greater good and for the sake of others other than oneself (subordinate ego to the higher Self)
Release completely to any attachment to outcome which implies having faith

In sangoma circles containers often work through the law of Signatures or Similars. " 
"If things resemble one another they can effect one another."
Red in many cultures means danger but also is a color of protection. Plants and animals that are brightly colored, especially if red, warn us that they may be toxic. Poison oak leaves are often red in color, the castor oil plant which contains the deadly ricin may have a red stem and red seeds at certain times. In a way this is a message from the Great Spirit to be careful. Similarly wearing something that is red, using plants that are red (or even a special red wine) by imbibing them (if safe) or bathing with them is a message and request to the spirit world or a container for protection.

Castor oil plant.

And after all is said and done remember to Affirm, Repeat!

Containers for giving thanks such as offerings in any shape or form give a blessing or signal to Spirit that we are grateful.

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