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There are three phases of the trance state (related to Kundalini) that have been recognized by research workers. These have been described especially, but not exclusively, in those taking mind altering substance or plant entheogens (mind altering plants taken in sacred ritual administered by a shaman.) These phases are:
1. Entoptics which are basic shapes such as wavy lines, chevrons, circles, stars etc. These occur due to chemical release of phosgenes around the optic nerves in the eye.
2. Construals, when these shapes come together to form mandala like shapes and other designs (see figure below of Chumash rock art at Painted Cave in Santa Barbara county - the Chumash used sacred Datura.)

3. Therianthropes which are figures seen in rock art around the world depicting the shaman shape shifting from human form into animal form. (See figure below showing the shaman's feet and face beginning to assume the shape of an antelope.)

Is it even possible for a shaman to shape shift and if so?; 
Is that person just assuming the animal's behavior? 
Can he or she be giving others the illusion of the animal while still being in human form? 
Is it actually possible to transform into that animal?
 Ancient wisdom confirms that even the last option - which does not seem at all feasible - is possible.

The ancestors teach that; 
"we are all one but not the same" 
and all Beings (Still, Growing, Wild and Talking) 
are comprised of the same elements and animated by the breath of the Creator. Each Being has a different vibration and in order to communicate with the other Beings we have to slow down to their specific vibration. Ancient wisdom also confirms that long ago we were able to easily do this. Certainly it is still a talent of indigenous peoples, especially hunter-gatherers.
According to the Law of Correspondence; as above - so below. As is the atom so is the D.N.A., as is the D.N.A. so is the cell, as is the cell so is the body, as is the body so is the universe.
If we look at D.N.A. and the sun and moon energies of the yoga chakra system we see that energy moves as a spiral up these channels. D.N.A. is plastic as evidenced by spontaneous remission of diseases that have defied the best that modern medicine has to offer. Moreover,  Bushmen trance dancers can handle fire with impunity which makes one wonder if with trance, the vibration of the cell is approximating that of fire, and their cell protein is not denaturing. 

There is a Druid saying;
If we look at the chakras we see that there is a hierarchy of elements as we ascend up the chakras reflecting refinement of vibration as we move Kundalini up into the upper chakras. 
First chakra-earth, 
Fourth or heart chakra-air 
and then above that ether emanating from the Divine breath that animates us all. 

In the Four Directions described in Kabbalah ; 
the Still Beings are of the Earth element,
 the Growing Beings are of the Water element, 
the Talking beings are of the Fire element 
and the Wild beings are of the Air element. 
This may be because the latter are more pure than we are and not motivated by ego, self-cherishing and acquisitiveness as many of us are - they are just doing what the Creator asks of them. According to Credo Mutwa, a powerful Zulu Sanusi or prophet - birds have an especially advanced form of spiritual power possibly because they have mastered both flight and song.

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