Sunday, October 2, 2016

This weeks blog is on spiritual practice and Kundalini 

Yesterday I gave a talk on the Kundalini, the governing spiritual principle of the cosmos and both during the discussion as well as at the breaks there seemed to be some confusion around what constitutes spiritual practice and how best to conduct it. It was clear that some form of regular, sustainable and enjoyable spiritual practice was key to moving Kundalini energy and enhancing ones spiritual vibration up the hierarchy of chakras from earth (the most grounded,) to water, fire, air and ether or spirit. This practice need not necessarily be esoteric or Eastern based to qualify. 
Essentially anything done for its own sake which puts one in an inner state of awareness and induces a relaxation (parasympathetic) response can be effective.  
An embodied spiritual practice can be more powerful for many of us as per the scriptures; 
"From my flesh shall I behold God."
This could be drumming, playing a musical instrument, dancing, painting, walking on the beach, all being done not to perform or look good but just to "be."

There is nothing wrong with having more than one modality of practice depending on ones intention. A form of meditation that connects one to spirit guides may be quite different to another that elicits a relaxation response. Passive meditation is mostly for improving ones state of being, active meditation can help us access the mystery and connect with the Creator. Active sensory meditation is also a way of programming our subconscious more positively around around the time of sleep.

What we are trying to do here is some way of increasing our vibration or moving Kundalini so we can access the "Field" to gain more inner peace, glean intuitive information and enhance our brief sojourn on the planet. Some of the benefits include; increasing episodes of synchronicity, superfluidity (or being in the "zone" or an alfa state,) a richer more informed dream life, a deeper connection with our spirit guides, enhancement of our Inner Healer and a more magical existence.

There are many other manifestations of the Kundalini phenomenon including; feelings of oneness, transcendence, intense love, vibration and tingling moving up the spine as well as heat. 
Maslow described some of these as peak experiences. At the end of the day, however, Kundalini is about subordinating ego to the higher Self to realize an ever increasing movement towards "Becoming" more of who we can be for ourselves, other beings 
and the planet. This can also be described as the hero/ine's journey.

This diagram below summarizes the simple but difficult obstacles we have to overcome for these kind of "realizations" and to access non local information in the Astral or even the Causal realms.
Spiritual practice is key to mobilizing the feminine serpent energy. In this way we can manage the sensory urges of our lower three chakras and the blocks that reside around:

Ego and self-cherishing
Desirous attachment to "stuff"

Hence, with opening of our heart chakra and love, we move energy up above the diaphragm into the higher chakras by:

 Being in the present moment
Realizing the truth of who we are and our destiny
An increasing awareness of the profound spiritual principles that can assist us on the way

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