Saturday, November 5, 2016

                         MORE ABOUT SONG AND NATURE

        David the Psalmist (Psalm 19)... 
"Day to day utters speech and night to night expresses knowledge. There is no speech there are no words, the voices are not heard..." 
 ... the Sufi ecstatic poets ...


... and the Kalahari San Bushmen hunter gathers who derived their intense spiritual connection from Nature...

 The Ancestors always stress the importance of sensory meditation; "From my flesh shall I behold God. The soul's conversation is not of the mind. It is best heard with the senses," 

and there is no better place to find it than Nature and wild places. 
Munch is right that nature is the way to the soul.

Also it is easier to find states of rapture in Nature's  places of splendor but we should not neglect what the Kabbalists call; "The Magic of the Ordinary" in Nature which can also be Extraordinary.

This week I am including a few more songs to help with a sensory driven active meditation.
Love will help us to connect to ALL Beings

The Ancestors

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