Sunday, December 4, 2016

Holiday season blog.

Before I head off for South Africa and hopefully also to some "Wilderness Rapture I thought in this blog I would  share a few songs and quotes, mainly so that one could do an active meditation maybe beginning with a quote or one of your favorite nature experiences and building on this with your imagination and... 
Seeing where the song takes you?
Maybe to your next retreat?
Maybe to some other hidden paradise?
Maybe to a relaxing nap?

I have been getting feedback from some of the blog readers and it seems that because I have been putting the songs at the end of the blog they are not being noticed or alternatively folks feel they cannot download or access them. (The other possibility is that there is no interest or no time for a meditation of this sort which is also fine.)
So for those who are interested in using the theme of the blog with the music as an active meditation this blog will have fewer words and more songs.
Feedback ( appreciated if this works for you or not. If not I may not include songs in next years blogs. 

See the links below
First highlight by clicking on them
Then click again with the little hand just below on the link and it will download
Click play 

This first song is called Mimoya which means spirit or spirit place (Zulu) and can be about meeting all the "Beings" in nature - Still, Growing, Wild and Talking - a prelude to entering a state of "Wilderness Rapture."


The Ancestors
This song - Isles of Gonne - is about a mystical wild place of the Druids where the Imagination, one's Heart and Love could all unite. They would sail there from Tir Na Nog.



The Zohar

This song - Hishtavut - means Equanimity, Harmony, Peace, Balance or when in nature - "Wilderness Rapture"



Unfortunately the songs do not flow one into the other so that you will have to come out of your reverie to download the next one. 

Primal Sound of the Universe (... a feeble attempt at a song that came in a dream)



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